The tremendous potential powers of the human mind do not usually actualize in the semiconscious state of mind of the average human being and so naturally enough the majority of people find themselves at the mercy of a small minority – those with powerful intellects who dominate everyone who comes within their personal sphere of Influence. Pause to consider that human beings visited the Lunar surface in the years following 1969. That itself bears mute testimony to the great intellectual powers of the human species and it demonstrates that  the human intellectual potential is indeed enormous. So who may attain such a high state of powerful intelligence and how? Everything is contingent upon genetic inheritance, and logic demands that genetically inferior parents cannot produce intellectually superior offspring. We human beings are separated by a grand canyon gap between our intellectual capacity and that of all other life forms on this planet and we possesses a great and progressive moral obligation to bequeath the high moral and spiritual standards humanity has developed as the inheritance upon which future generations will depend.

Our Sciences and Mathematics have enabled us to make great discoveries of previously unknown realities and to develop awareness of the universe and it’s dimensions – macroscopic and microscopic – and we may wonder what will come with the future advancements of knowledge? History is replete with magnificent inventions and discoveries and yet we still remain largely ignorant of the hidden potentials of the human mind. Hopefully the possession of wisdom will safeguard such mental powers which would otherwise prove inimical to humanity, because when selfishness prevails then great mental powers would likely be abused for personal gratification and even evil purposes. So, there appear to be naturally built-in safeguards which prevents the easy acquisition of great personal powers of the mind.

One of those is the great self-discipline without which one cannot master their mind, and another is the possession of the trait of unselfishness which is unfortunately not naturally acquired but without which it is nearly impossible to reach elevated levels of moral and spiritual existence which are necessary to accomplish great powers of mind. That having been said, how does the sincere seeker discover realities which elude them? Most people view reality through a pinhole perspective such as is utilized to view a solar eclipse and it is thereby greatly filtered. There is no single key to open that door, but it is possible to attain a wider perspective and elevated consciousness though it requires patience – time and disciplined living. Seeking great mental powers for personal gain has usually ended disastrously and there have been remarkable demonstrations of that as when World Wars were caused by those with evil agendas, and recently in continuing demonstrations of religious fanaticism – terrorism – where a minority seeks to destroy all who disagree with their perverted and distorted beliefs. The one purely absolute reality is the truth. The truth is that which is… It is reality irrespective of the distorted perception of observers as in the expressions ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” and “Truly there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

Truth is what I was determined to discover when I first decided to raise my consciousness levels. I began writing what I comprehended as during many years I contemplated questions about spiritual and material realities which exist beyond the comprehension of the average human intellect due to conceptual poverty and ideational confusion. I have sorted and integrated all of my notes and my experiences during the past fifty years into a personal philosophy of the universe realities and the invisible manifestations of other dimensions of conscious existence which surround and impinge upon us all because I desire to assist others who like myself want to know more than what seems accepted dogma and creeds.

 I have compiled into book format what is here presented for interested readers as “The Infinite Dimension” and it may be downloaded and copied by anyone so inclined. I am Terence Scott and I may be reached by email at the following address:

Please click on the icon to download the book:  the infinite dimension book 03082017