A great majority of people everywhere live their entire lives trapped as intellectual prisoners within the narrow confines of the limited sensory world in which their minds exist and they are either unable or unwilling to escape their hopeless addiction to the anthropocentricity of their lives. Human nature is unique to each and every individual and it governs our emotions and learning by a function of the brain which connects our genetic and cultural development.

We are possessed of little sense – awareness – of anything beyond a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and the frequency bandwidth of sound and light. We are relatively blind and deaf and generally possessed of little recognition of the tremendous diversity of the myriad microscopic universe which surrounds and impinges upon us all. Many people suffer from conceptual poverty and ideational confusion and recognize little of other dimensions which exist apart from the three dimensions of space with which they are familiar and the one dimension referred to as time. Without the technology and instruments which have been invented to enable reception of radio and television waves and for microwaves and x-rays those would all remain unknown to human senses just as longer and shorter wavelengths of light and sound are unheard and invisible. Science postulates that entire invisible universes exist, and the vast majority of the known mass of matter – “Dark Matter” – existing in the entire universe is invisible even though its effects can be readily measured.

It seems logical to presume that spiritual realities also remain out of range of unaided human sensory perception which leads to ignorance and confusion and superstition and fear which predominates in people’s lives and their religions which suffer without spiritual perception. Spiritual people are always religious but religious people are not necessarily spiritual. Interactions occur between human beings and their spirit of God which is born into them when individuals choose to willingly consecrate and dedicate themselves as the medium or instrument for the spirit’s will-to-action in this material world. That becomes possible after their consciousness has become spiritually transformed.

An analogy for the way that the spirit’s will-to-action in any human instrument of the spirit may be manifested could be likened to that of a talented musician actualizing music from its stored potential in their mind or written in a music score by utilizing a piano or other musical instrument to transform it into sound – the sounds of music which may have been composed even hundreds of years previously brought to reality in the present. It is to those unselfish, normal-minded, stabilized persons who live on higher levels of moral and spiritual existence that the greatest possible degree of spiritual reality may be revealed. Their spirit inculcates in them a progressive obligation to help all others who are striving for spiritual attainment.

Although it is probably futile to speculate about just what it may be that God is actually attempting to manifest in this world it is certain that The Father has intentions which clearly involve the spiritualization of the human race – the Creator of intelligent life is constantly attempting to communicate with it and He desires all of His children to be in communion with Him.

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