Just as we may appropriate a good idea or ideal from another person and adopt it as our own we may appropriate the religious faith of the human Jesus of Nazareth as our own and in that way we may come to experience spiritual reality. Jesus made the discovery in human experience of God The Father, and as we are we may experience the same satisfaction in our own experiences with The Father as Jesus did as he was.

Jesus revealed the true pathway that leads to God which can be followed by any human being who so desires, and he demonstrated for all mankind the entire range of the faith experiences possible for all of humanity, then and now.

If our human mind is unable to understand or conceive of how God is actually able to be present in our lives then we must each place faith in the fact that an actual part of God’s own Deity Nature is born within the mind and soul of each morally conscious human being and so we must constantly strive to attain the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence in order to prepare ourselves for the spirit presence of God to become manifested in our lives.

So, are we merely material beings gaining spiritual experience or are we actually spiritual beings gaining material experience, or are we a mysterious combination of those?

It is for each of us to make that discovery…

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