What may the average person do to reach their spiritual potential during their lifetime? We should begin by becoming informed about the origins and the differences of the many and various religions of the world – the history of human search for God – and we should ask whether there is any one religion that is most likely to lead us to God, and why there are so many different religions. For ages in Europe and England there was superstition where God’s agency and the spirit world controlled the elements and directed people’s lives, and there was widespread belief in the supernatural and also the presence of the devil in their everyday life, some of which still continues in the Third Millennium. The Judeo – Christian Bible is certainly a good history but there are also many other religions all of which are significant avenues leading to God for their sincere adherents

Asking our religious teachers is no guarantee that we will discover anything new because they have in turn been taught and fervently believe what they hold to be truth which may or may not be spiritual reality, which is what we need to discover for ourselves. Since religion is really an individual’s relationship with God, and since it is quite possible to develop such a relationship, there may quite well actually be as many true religions as there are human beings in this world.

That having been said, let us proceed to each develop our own personal relationship with God, and since the Creator of intelligent life is constantly attempting to communicate with us we may be assured of success if we are sincere. There really is no one religion which is a better approach to God than another. Everything depends upon the sincerity of the individual. Instead of trying to “reinvent the wheel” as it were in one’s approach to this adventure it will be helpful to begin by realizing that there are those who have spent their lives learning just what we are also attempting to discover and we should examine some of what they have discovered in order to expedite our own search for spiritual realities. Bookstores are full of their ideas.

We will each develop a progressive obligation to humanity as we make progress in reaching elevated states of moral and spiritual existence because we are constantly being urged by God’s spirit to help everyone else to learn the truth about “Our Father”. Given that, after almost sixty years in pursuit of spiritual reality I feel the obligation to share my insights with others who may feel the urge to find God, which their soul is encouraging them to do. I am not interested in writing books for profit but am utilizing the non-profit venue of the website to disseminate what I have learned in a series of topics which addresses almost every conceivable question I had about our spiritual inheritance.

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What follows is a ten-part series of  topics describing the stages approaching the attainment of  spiritual enlightenment – spiritual transformation.