The pathway of spiritual transformation is the ascent of the human being towards God with a concomitant descent by the Divine Consciousness of The Father into their human nature

The ascent can only be achieved by a singleness of purposethe upwards aspiration of the combined mind, soul, body and life. The descent can only occur in response to the call of their entire being towards God’s eternal and infinite Divine consciousness. It is only when this aspiration and this call are there or if by some means they can be born and grow constantly within and seize all of the human nature that then and only then does the uplifting and transformation of their human nature become possible.

The call and the aspiration are only first conditions for along with them and brought by their effective intensity an opening of the entire being must constitute a total offering of all of the human nature on all of its levels to receive into itself without limits or constraints the spiritual consciousness which is waiting, already there enveloping the partially conscious existence. In the receiving of it there must exist no inability to contain it and no failure of any aspect of the human system of mind, nerve, life or body under the stress of the transformation. There must be limitless receptivity and increasing capacity to bear the ever-increasing strong and insistent action of the spiritual forces otherwise nothing permanent can be accomplished in the individual and the entire manifestation will arrestif the process is not to be a failure it must be absolute and completely integrated.

But since no human system has the capacity for endless receptivity the process will succeed only because the divine force itself as it descends increases the personal powers of the human being and thus compensates, equalizes the strength to receive it with the force that enters from above to work in the human nature. This is only possible if there is on our part a complete and never-failing consent and dedicated willingness to allow the spirit’s power to act however it needs to accomplish its tasks. Only the descent of the spiritual nature will accomplish this transformation of the human nature. 

However that anyone by their own efforts attempts to make themselves more than human they cannot by their own unaided force of will change themselves, transform themselves into the spiritual because of the natural limitations inherent within them. The total dedication to the spirit however difficult remains the only effective means for our human nature to become an instrument for the spirit of The Father. We must maintain the innocent trust as that of a child and recognize that it takes great courage to attempt to become spiritualized because those who are committed, consecrated and dedicated to the integration of their selfbody, mind, intellect and personalitywith their spirit of The Father must abandon all of their attachments to their past which are inimical to the attainment of spiritual consciousness in order to facilitate cooperative partnership with their spirit within them.

Although we must live a material existence while existing in close intimate personal association with The Father’s spirit as we also work and interrelate in a normal way with other people we must learn to disassociate ourselves from the distracting influences which constantly assail our senses. We must remain in the world yet not be of the world. This enables The Father’s spirit to manifest in the material which is difficult at best, and for God to find self-expression in it. Just what the self-expression of The Father’s spirit consists of we can only imagine but it must be of the nature of revealing Himself to those persons who are capable of recognition of it and of experiencing it by their individual spiritual level of consciousness. 

The rarest of human beings, those whose entire existence is established in God rather than in the material world, are enabling God to reach down as it were into the material yet even while committing themselves completely to Him they are somehow enabled to remain among humanity since in reaching God they do not depart from humanity but rather are drawn towards it. They are to become the great helpers of humanity, chosen by God and Nature to lead the way for all human beings to accomplish that to which our humanity is slowly rising.

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