Human Nature is unique to each individual. It governs our emotions and our learning by a function of the brain connecting genetic and cultural development. Unfortunately for us all we are relatively blind and deaf, only able to perceive a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and the frequency bandwidth of sound and light and possessed of little sense of the immensity of the diversity of the myriad microscopic life forms in our world or the staggering enormity of the macroscopic universe beyond it.

When I began my own search for spiritual truth – spiritual reality – during the early 1960’s. I realized that if I was ever going to find spiritual truth I must rely entirely upon God’s spirit leadings for guidance because many religious instructors in every religion have prejudiced their students. I decided to concentrate upon the highest of all pertinent studies  that of Human Being – the meaning of our human existence. That having been said let us consider how we may discover spiritual realities, which are almost unrecognizable by those who are not sufficiently spiritualized.

First we should recognize that just as anyone attempting to learn a new language or develop new skills must acquire experience in order to become adept, one must develop and gain spiritual experience in order to be able to raise their consciousness to higher levels of moral and spiritual existence.  What seriously retards spiritual development is selfishness, but it is not natural in human nature for anyone to become unselfish. Without the development of unselfish humanitarian instincts it is very difficult to accomplish because by His very nature God is the single greatest humanitarian and if we hope to develop an intimate spiritual relationship with The Father we need and must try to become like Him, insofar as that is possible (Matthew 5:48) because the truth of spiritual reality is absolute.

Most people are searching for provable truths but truth is often accompanied by serious pain and hardly anyone is looking for painful truth. People want something which makes them feel as though their lives have significance and meaning, which is where religion enters. If a belief in one ideal serves to make their life appear to be something having deeper meaning and value than another then that serves as their truth. If another belief makes them appear powerless and worthless that is rejected as false whether it is the truth or not. Most people try to preserve their identity and their sanity by denial and rejection of images of themselves as being insignificant whether they are true or not. Those people who insist that the truth is absolute and undeniable, pleasant or not, will incur the displeasure of those who deny such truths.

We should resolve to raise ourselves each day in all sincerity and goodwill to the highest possible levels of moral and spiritual existence in an ardent aspiration towards the light of Truth which is the source of the intellectual life of the universe, so that it may pervade us entirely and illuminate our minds and hearts with its great brilliance, and purify all our thoughts and our actions. With the aid of our soul we will soon begin to develop true compassion and when one sees things that appear so awful such as the poverty and starvation which is rampant and the great pain suffered by so many human beings then we develop in our spiritualizing being the aspiration to alleviate all that. As a consequence of the recognition of the immense sufferings of humanity there arises a tremendous resolve to consecrate oneself entirely to helping to alleviate it.

If we desire to make progress we must ask our soul to build within our consciousness a strong and pure mental image which can become the guide to prevent us from going astray, almost as a beacon to light our way. Each individual should develop this mental image according to their own tendencies and affinities and aspirations, but if we want it to be truly spiritual it must be founded on the idea that it is the intellectual representation symbolizing that which is at the centre of our being. That is that our life and our light, our origin and ourselves God and ourselves are at one and this oneness should not be understood merely as a more or less close and intimate relationship or union but as our true spiritual identity.


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