Religion is not a contest or a form of rivalry. God has summoned us all to unfold a new life born again of the spirit and for this a higher power of the spirit life force energy will descend into us as a new consciousness but the new power will not descend for us alone – it will withdraw unless we aspire to it for all of humanity. That is the condition for spiritual attainment.

It is our mission to realize the spiritual on Earth and to conquer evil and ignorance and diseases and premature death. It is a heroic work, and amid the dangers, beauties, love and pain and hardships of life God desires to reveal Himself through us to the world. Therefore we must not pain ourselves to think of ourselves as impure and unworthy sinners. Instead we must maintain a conscience void of offense. To those who will give themselves over to Him God makes immediately in return a gift of Himself a part of His own nature because we first gave ourselves to Him.

Our present self has done fairly well for us but it is not our highest nature. For that we must receive a new consciousness a new power that will guide us beyond ignorance. To transform ourselves we must also work for the transformation of all others otherwise the change both in ourselves and in them will not be made possible to its fullest extent. Of course our mind was once less than it now is and it would be failure if our mind did not become more than it now is. It is only with firm and unbending resolve that we can gain control over our mind and freedom from all its restlessness our mind should not be our master nor our thoughts our chains, so we must learn how to master our mind and control its wanderings and how to insulate it against undue outside influences. We should develop a calm and unmoved state of mind and then what will follow will be an inner silence and stillness that no outer actions or events can disturb.

When we learn to control ourselves in mind, emotions and body then we will become able to manifest our soul within us which will in turn become increasingly manifested through our outer being. By this transformation there will be established all that ennobles and is merciful and all that is graceful, true, beautiful, unselfish, pure, good and great in human beings. Those who become thus transformed love others but do not accept their errors. They despise no one but instead strive to defeat ignorance, injustice and the oppression of any and all other people.

However, we cannot become transformed without the aid of divine grace and force – to transform our nature to the spiritual requires the infinite skill of God. If we will call for transformation God will bring it to us but if we do not call He will wait for our soul to awaken from its distractions. By these things is spirituality realized: Love for God and love for all beings; Overcoming narrow egotistic demands and actions; Entering into a wider consciousness of all existence; Descent of spiritual light and power; and, Transformation of our human nature through descent of the spiritual force.

So, first we must make the call and whatever the obstacles aspire and all else will be done for all will be made possible by divine grace. One who unfolds their spirit should discern that it is revealed to the world for God has summoned us to unfold a new life and reveal a new spirit to this world.

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