Such as we are we are like children facing death, living beings who do not understand very well how they live or why or where they are going. But this dark avenue we tread is to lead us to a greater light, not dependent upon dogma or creeds but a transformation of our consciousness into a consciousness of mastery of ourselves and our world and awareness of the spirit of God which is born into the material realm within us. That the spirit of God is or is not in this world with us doesn’t make much difference if the knowledge of the spirit in our life is not accompanied by its power over life for us. Those persons who are sincerely seeking spiritual enlightenment must necessarily be truly unselfish in order to be able to be receptive of the spirit consciousness and the life force energy which will descend into them from God and bring a real spiritual transformation of their human nature.

Science discovered that matter and energy are convertible because matter is condensed energy. Following the onset of spiritual transformation the individual will discover that the energy descending into them from God is a consciousness force. Matter itself is a form of consciousness and the spirit has direct mastery of material energies because the consciousness force is a substance which is readily manipulated by the spirit of God which can act upon matter and transform it by utilizing the powers of the spiritualizing human mind.

In the developing and transforming individual the invisible force produces tangible results inwards and outwards and alters the mind and develops its powers, which brings new fields of knowledge. It will control the condition and the functioning of their physical body and also their human nature and it will influence people and things. When such persons choose to become the instrument of the spirit for its self-expression and manifestation in the material realm by making a loving gift of their material human being to God, already has The Father given to them the gift of His spirit to be their divine companion, which allows the individual’s soul to find self-expression and manifestation in the spirit realm by and with the consent of this spirit gift of The Father. This is because God will not allow us to be more generous than he is.

Naturally this is a gradational process depending upon the receptivity and cooperation of each individual. The ascent of the human being here in this life into the realm of the spirit and the concomitant descent of the spirit into the realm of our normal humanity and its transformation of the earthly nature is the thing. Here the ascent is the first step because it is the means for the descent of the spirit. The new consciousness attained from the ascent and the concomitant descent of the spirit consciousness force is the object for the fulfillment of life.

In truth what we have now is not the dark of night which has descended upon the world as the predictors of the End of Times would have us believe but instead it is the spiritual light which has been buried, the truth forgotten in a darkened interlude awaiting the new dawn, a new emergence of the light of the truth of the great hidden potentials awaiting the seekers of spiritual awareness if only they will consent to become receptive. For every single person who succeeds in making the transformation it is a victory for all of humanity because within that conscious human being is the symbolic battleground of a fight being contested in all human beings. That is why our life on earth assumes such an exceptional importance among all of the possible modes of existence hereafter.


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