It is necessary for the spiritual consciousness to descend into us and emerge from within us in order for us to attain enlightenment and liberation – conscious union with the Spirit. This descent of the consciousness-force must permeate not only our minds and bodies but also our will and our emotions. It must be stressed that the spiritual descent and the concomitant changes to be effected must be in these active aspects not only our mind but our human nature and our will must be transformed and it is not the mind itself which will transform but the spiritual force.

If the higher consciousness descends only into the mind it may bring peace, deliverance and possibly knowledge but it is only when the spiritual force comes into the will and the emotions that the actual realization of peace in our lives becomes a living reality. We may even gain a high degree of knowledge and have occasional peace in the soul and some valid spiritual experiences but if we cannot calm our vital will and energies, if we cannot control our passions and emotions then we cannot have real peace in our life. We may have strong faith and a satisfying intellectual concept concerning the spiritual life yet at the same time our life, emotions and egotistical self make almost a mockery of our progress – we may make steps forward and then feel we have regressed then become discouraged. Everyone who seeks to follow the spiritual path experiences these trials.

To succeed in overcoming these setbacks it is necessary for us to comprehend that it is our own very human nature itself with which we are contending and the narcissistic material ego which is determined to always have its own way as if neither reason nor heart nor soul exists. If it is not subdued we can neither act rightly nor live calmly. We rely on our reasoning mind to direct, control and organize our lives and so we tend to accept that our mind is the master and can solve our problems – that is that body and life can be satisfactorily regulated by the mind. However this is not the case – too often the mind looks around frantically for anything that can control and regulate its own disorder. Psychiatrists stay very busy with people in this dilemma.

The mind must be quieted by bringing down into it the power of the spirit. The mind itself must also surrender to the higher spiritual consciousness, and the life, the will and the emotions must all make the same surrender. The spiritual descent must come into the life and will as a function different from the mind as an integral part of our entire being but retaining its own autonomy and freedom of action.

The individual’s ego will not meekly submit to being repressed or suppressed either but it must also surrender itself to God and serve the spirit just as the mind and will surrender. Not a passive surrender however, but dynamically by the will of the personality their energy and the emotions and the self – all must become dedicated to the spirit. Then will the battles between the mind and the ego diminish and peace will occur between and within them.

From then on what we do in our lives is done for the spirit – for its truth and purposes with happiness and love in our lives. If we keep ourselves open to the spiritual force the transformation will occur for us. Only offer to God every element of your being and you will succeed because there is no failure for the person who is sincere and constant in their spiritual search.

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