It seems hopeless to attempt to appeal to the reasoning of those who are so inculcated with beliefs which fixate their lives and actions as to cause them to continue to practice primitive sacrificial ceremonials at the altar to beseech God for forgiveness because of their innate sense of guilty sinfulness. The human soul is pure and holy so it can hardly approach the personality which is barricaded behind the walls of their guilty mindset of the sense of evil and sinfulness perpetrated upon them by those priests and confessors who place themselves between humanity and God. Priests have become obstacles to the very thing which the soul and spirit is attempting to fosterspiritual relationship with God. What a tragic irony! So how may we discover the means to extricate ourselves from its predisposition for such primitive attitudes and religious practices and release our souls from their bondage? 

The mind is the instrument or medium through which the soul materializes its individual world and lives and evolves until it has become perfected and united in consciousness with spiritual reality God’s spirit. Although the mind is immaterial it is affected by matter and becomes a product of consciousness and matter, the presence of both being necessary for its functioning.

Spiritual transformation is not easy. It requires an attitude of sincere devotion and perseverance, whole-hearted application. The objective is the highest prize of human achievement and its pursuit must necessarily be very exacting in its demands upon the time and energies of the seeker of spiritual enlightenment. Circumstances and habits may not allow them to become totally absorbed all at once but they must work steadily and deliberately towards this end, gradually eliminating all activities and interests which either interfere with their main objective or uselessly consume their time and energies.

Once we become able to recognize and concentrate exclusively on the concealed inner being and quiet the material consciousness then it can begin its manifestation with a larger consciousness, free from its previous limitations, freed from the ignorance of the presence of the Spirit of God, and raise our being to it and bring down the powers of the higher level to transform the previously ignorant mind into a new and greater self-creation. This is what happens when the consciousness of our being decides to raise its evolution from the mental up to the spiritual levels of earthly existence.

Almost all human beings normally devote all of their energies to their physical needs, interests, desires and ideals and that is natural enough because it is imposed upon us by the very nature of our material being. Our call must be to live on new heights in all of our being so that the whole of what we are should rise into the spiritual consciousness and become a manifested power of the spirit. Our mental and physical existence is not destroyed or diminished or impaired by our becoming spiritualized but instead it becomes able to achieve possibilities which in their unspiritual condition could not be practicable or imaginable.

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