How can we change – transform – while living in this world? 

          Must we wait until after the dissolution of our material body in order to accomplish our spiritual destiny – our spiritual transformation?

It seems hopeless to attempt to appeal to the reasoning of those who are so inculcated with beliefs which fixate their lives and actions as to cause them to continue to practice primitive sacrificial ceremonials at the altar to beseech God for forgiveness because of their innate sense of guilty sinfulness. The human soul is pure and holy so it can hardly approach the personality which is barricaded behind the walls of their guilty mindset of the sense of evil and sinfulness perpetrated upon them by those priests and confessors who place themselves between humanity and God. Priests have become obstacles to the very thing which the soul and spirit is attempting to foster spiritual relationship with God. What a tragic irony! So how may we discover the means to extricate ourselves from its predisposition for such primitive attitudes and religious practices and release our souls from their bondage? 

The mind is the instrument or medium through which the soul materializes its individual world and lives and evolves until it has become perfected and united in consciousness with spiritual reality God’s spirit. Although the mind is immaterial it is affected by matter and becomes a product of consciousness and matter, the presence of both being necessary for its functioning.

Spiritual transformation is not easy. It requires an attitude of sincere devotion and perseverance, whole-hearted application. The objective is the highest prize of human achievement and its pursuit must necessarily be very exacting in its demands upon the time and energies of the seeker of spiritual enlightenment. Circumstances and habits may not allow them to become totally absorbed all at once but they must work steadily and deliberately towards this end, gradually eliminating all activities and interests which either interfere with their main objective or uselessly consume their time and energies.

Once we become able to recognize and concentrate exclusively on the concealed inner being and quiet the material consciousness then it can begin its manifestation with a larger consciousness, free from its previous limitations, freed from the ignorance of the presence of the Spirit of God, and raise our being to it and bring down the powers of the higher level to transform the previously ignorant mind into a new and greater self-creation. This is what happens when the consciousness of our being decides to raise its evolution from the mental up to the spiritual levels of earthly existence.

Almost all human beings normally devote all of their energies to their physical needs, interests, desires and ideals and that is natural enough because it is imposed upon us by the very nature of our material being. Our call must be to live on new heights in all of our being so that the whole of what we are should rise into the spiritual consciousness and become a manifested power of the spirit.

Our mental and physical existence is not destroyed or diminished or impaired by our becoming spiritualized but instead it becomes able to achieve possibilities which in their unspiritual condition could not be practicable or imaginable. If we desire to change – actually transform the physical conditions of this world and do so by the power of consciousness two conditions must be met. The first is to discover the principle of consciousness which will have the power to transform matter and the other is to work in one’s own individual body since the human body is the point of insertion of the consciousness into matter.

None of the levels of consciousness known to humanity so far has had the power to operate this change. It is true that by sheer force of discipline certain individuals have been able to defy natural laws and triumph over their own bodies but it was a question of individual changes which were not transmissible to others and were not truly transformations of matter. The laws which govern the body of the Hindu Yogi remain essentially what they are and only certain particular effects – supernatural ones – are imposed temporarily upon the natural by the Yogi.

For the transformation envisaged herein it is not a question of acquiring supernatural powers which affect the natural but of changing the very nature of the human being and their physical conditioning – truly a transformation and not isolated incidents of control. We need a new principle of existence which must establish itself definitively among us, at first in a few and then spreading to all of those who are prepared. This is just as the mind principle and the life principle became definitively established on Earth. In other words this is the need to create humanity on the Earth which will no longer be subject to the laws of ignorance, suffering and decomposition which have long dominated the world. This may seem fantastic or grandiose because we tend to view these things from the restricted perspective of a few decades. However it is completely in conformity with the evolutionary principle spread out over a long time.

We may perceive that there has been the gradual descending of the spirit into material forms which enables the growth of the soul and the spirit in material human beings and we may wonder whether the spirit could ever remain satisfied within the confines of human narrowness and whether following the death of the human body the spirit would simply wish to return to its former existence. But it wants and needs to experience this precisely in conditions apparently opposed to its own in a human material life besieged by ignorance, obscurity and death and in the utter diversity of the world instead of its former purely spiritual unity.

By transformation this life and this matter will have superior meanings and values and no longer a vain transit towards some ephemeral vision but instead a grand adventure wherein the spirit works in material form. The soul does not complete what it has to do by merely developing into the human being but rather it must develop humanity into its highest possible state of consciousness. The soul has a superhuman future potential here – it has a spiritual imperative.

The higher state of spiritual consciousness brings the power by which the transformation has to be brought about – the actual discovery of it and a metamorphosis of our being. We as individuals must understand the practical process of the discovery and make the transformation in ourselves by calling down into ourselves the higher powers of consciousness from God and holding them securely within ourselves for the benefit of all of humanity. The Hindu does not succeed in this because it is not he but only a minute point of his being which has realized elevated consciousness by concentrating himself with so much desperation upon it. For all of us the light is there, eternal and immutable and there is no conquest to obtain it.

A very important fact is that realization of a single individual does not suffice but what we need is a global realization which includes the total existence of all individuals. If we want to transform our nature and our being – participate in the creation of a new world – we must embrace, include, all of it in our consciousness and our aspirations. The stifling of any individual may very well be the stifling of God in that person.

If we think that the best evolutionary path to follow is that of the high summits of intellectual Earth-consciousness such as those of a Leonardo Da Vinci or a Beethoven or an Einstein we must admit that none of those intellectual altitudes they reached has been able to transform all human life. The summits of the mind or the heart do not bring us the key and the power to change the world. Another principle of consciousness is necessary but one without a break of continuity with those preceding ones – an ultimate knowledge which perceives and accepts God in the world as well as beyond the world – in the universe. Then having found the transcendent the aspirant possesses it and retains the power of it freely to bring it into the material world in descent by grasping the thread of their spiritual consciousness and holding onto it.

The ascent into the spiritual consciousness is the first stage. As the seeker establishes silence and calm in their own mind and becomes liberated from their absorption in the physical their consciousness disengages itself from all of the activities of the physical and acquires an independent existence. It becomes a compact force within and the more it grows the less it is satisfied with being trapped in a physical mind – it needs to climb. This ascending urge is not just the result of conscious discipline – it is a spontaneous need. Instinctively we become aware of a polarization above us which draws us because it is living force.

As the elevated consciousness actualizes there begins to manifest almost imperceptible experiences and a certainty of guidance by the silent source above which yields spontaneous knowledge. The Holy Spirit Consciousness above and the matter, mind and life below are the aspects which are divided – two polarities of being as it were – and it would seem that if we are to attain the transcendence of the spiritual we would be obliged to abandon the world of matter, mind and material life. But this would be the destruction of all of our hopes because if we must abandon the consciousness of mind, life and body in order to reach the spiritual consciousness then a spiritual life here becomes impossible.

There is no escape from this dilemma unless there exists an intermediate bridge between the two aspects which can establish a relationship between them and make it possible for us to realize a combined existence. Such an intermediate link is the level of the spiritual consciousness which is a principle superior to ordinary mentality because it operates in terms of the most fundamental truth of things, which is unity rather than in terms of the diversity of which the human mind consists. Mind and the average levels of consciousness available to humanity is a receiver and interpreter, even a distorter of truth, but not the origin of it – our earthly existence is not the result of the human mind which is itself the result of earth-existence.

The consciousness which has formed the universe and our world must be superior to it – a spiritual mind. The mission of the human mind is to manage our consciousness – to enlighten its instincts, random intuitions and perceptions until it becomes capable of expanding into higher realms of consciousness and spiritual power. Since neither life nor mind is the creative principle of this world there must be a higher consciousness the power of that which is the supreme essence – the power of the spirit. If a human mind was the first principle of creation it would be the ultimate attainment possible but if it had created life and matter it would have eventually been overpowered by them.

Finite though our mind is we are able to sense a greater finite above and the infinite above all and our aspirations will not be satisfied until we reach that but only if there is a power superior to mind can this aspiration be fulfilled – the divine mind alone commands unity in diversity – and the fact that we do strive for such unity and harmony testifies to the presence within us of the seeds of this unifying spiritual mind. If human beings could only catch a glimpse of what perfect forces and harmonious reaches of new knowledge awaits them in the elevated levels of existence which our evolution has not yet brought they would never rest until they had gained it. But first they have to escape the pitfalls and traps of the mind and the senses and the theologians and builders of churches and the ideas and words which are all stifling the spirit within them, even some of the beliefs which they hold most dearly and securely.

Always must we keep ourselves open to the higher truth from above that does not confine us. Then through our great need the doors will open and our consciousness will rise to meet the descending spirit consciousness which will envelop us. The ensuing change of consciousness will be the primary factor as the initial transformation and a physical modification will be a consequence. During earlier evolution nature’s first efforts were directed towards a change in the physical so that there could follow a change in consciousness necessitated by the insufficiency of the force of consciousness already in existence to effect a change in the body.

But now in the human being a reversal is possible and seemingly inevitable, since it is through their consciousness – through its transmutation and not through a new bodily organism as before – that the coming metamorphosis can and must be effected. It is no longer the change of the physical brain that must precede the change of consciousness. The consciousness itself by its mutation will necessitate and operate whatever modification is needed for the body.

There is an imperative which descends upon those of us who seek to become instruments of God – we no longer strive for ourselves alone but for everybody. In accepting this life we have to bear not only our own burdens but a great part of humanity’s burdens too as a continuation of our already sufficiently heavy load. Because to help all of humanity it is not enough for any one individual however great to achieve an ultimate solution individually since even when the Divine Consciousness is ready to descend it cannot come to stay in everyone until they are ready to bear the pressure of the its descent.

There will be an entire part of humanity which will not readily be able to follow and instead of a complete realization of the spirit there will be only small, localized realizations. If one only wants to do the work singly it is impossible to do it totally. One can individually attain one’s own perfection and become so because their inner realization has no limits but the larger outer realization is limited so that if there is to begin a general action at least a minimum number of physical beings is necessary.

The spiritual life finds its most potent expression in those who live the ordinary life in the strength of their union of the inner life and their outer life and it is only by such a union that all of humanity will eventually be lifted up. Each individual carries within them a truth and it is with this truth that they must unite – it is this truth that they must live. This is the path which will bring them to the personal realization and the transformation – the two are united.

We not only have to conquer the forces of egotistic falsity and disorders in ourselves but we must conquer them as representatives of the same forces in everyone else in the whole world. Even after winning our own personal battle we have to win it over and over again in an interminable struggle because our inner existence is becoming so much enlarged that it contains not only our own being with its own needs and experiences but also encompasses all other beings – because within each of us is contained the infinite potential of the spirit of God. True Spiritual Transformation is a change of consciousness – radical and complete and of a certain specific kind – which is so conceived as to bring about a strong and assured step forward in the spiritual evolution of the consciousness as great as that which took place when a sentient being first appeared in the vital and material animal world. If anything less than that occurs, or at least if a real beginning is not made on that basis, then a fundamental progress towards it is not effected. The light of realization is not the same thing as the descent of the Divine consciousness, for realization by itself does not necessarily transform anything – it may bring only an opening or heightening or widening of the consciousness.

One may have some light of realization at the spiritual summit of the consciousness while the parts below remain what they were, but there must be a descent of the light not merely into the mind or part of it but into all the being down to the physical and below into the cellular level before real transformation can take place. A light in the mind may spiritualize or otherwise change the mind or part of it in one way or another but the descent of light is not enough it must be the descent of the whole higher Divine Consciousness its Peace, Power, Knowledge and Love in order to perfect or enough to make a great change in the inner being and the outer being. A total raising of the entire being is the ultimate achievement. Something less than that may very well be considered enough by the individual but it is not enough so that all of humanity’s consciousness may begin to take the definitive stride forward that it must take at some time or another.

The power necessary to accomplish this is very great and it is contained in potential within us because the infinite power of God is resident in His spirit within us. And so the ascent of humanity into heaven is not the key but rather its ascent here into the spirit and the concomitant descent of the spirit into human beings and the transformation of their Earthly nature into a spiritual consciousness. It really depends entirely upon us to recognize that the joy of the world is at our door if only we would desire it, wherein the energy of the liberated individual would no longer be the limited energy of mind, life and body with which it started but their natural existence would be the instrumentation of a superior power – the power of God. We may well ask why God creates so very many human beings and why should God who is perfect, absolute, infinite and needing nothing at all send out His force of consciousness to create in itself this world and its personalities.

It can only be for one good reason – for God’s delight and enjoyment of the infinite diversity and mutability of His Consciousness.

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