Crossing into the Hereafter

Successful ascent of Human Beings to the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence is concomitantly accompanied by the descent of the Spirit consciousness and the life force energies of God into those individuals. Only those whose soul has succeeded in uplifting them in such a spiritual transformation may experience conscious awareness of the spirit and the life force energy of God within their soul because only such a soul has developed the capacity to contain such tremendous energies. As with anything worthwhile it requires effort and patience to accomplish ascent into the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence, just as it does with learning a new language or acquiring new skills. Then the presence of the spiritual consciousness emanating from within the soul permeates the mind of the person concerned and they gradually become spiritually enlightened and their mind purified with the truth, beauty and goodness of the spirit within their soul.

Patience is necessary because our human consciousness clings tenaciously to what is most comfortable – what appeals to it even if it is not really truth – because it resists change. We have to learn how to release all of the ties that bind us to things that we do repeatedly – those habits which seem to be the only way we think and act. In order to become able to actually experience God’s spirit presence and become fully consciously aware of one’s identity as their soul they must necessarily first have emerged from the veritable ocean of the lower consciousness levels of most of human existence. Disciplined self-control must dominate life in order to accomplish the withdrawal of one’s mind from attachment to the lower levels of darkness of much of the human environment – the stresses, emotions, fears and constant upheavals – while continuing to live and function and interact normally in society.

Following the demise of the material human body at death the soul continues its existence although in a different dimension of reality, but for those who did not achieve their potential for elevated moral and spiritual living during their lifetime they must compensate for their failure. Unfortunately, once their material existence ends,  gone forever are opportunities for experiences and making vital choices and decisions under those material life conditions, which is a serious disadvantage for them.

Jesus of Nazareth told his followers that there were many different places for surviving souls when he was quoted as saying “…in my Father’s house are many mansions…” (John 14:2) which is an indication of the various levels of the spirituality of survivors in the hereafter. One does not become immediately spiritualized in their nature just by passing away through the death experience – that only comes through the concerted efforts and choices of the individual personality and it is only during our human material lifetime that we are able to make those choices which determine our future destiny. That is the real significance and the meaning and value of human material life on Earth.