A Serious Moral and Spiritual Dilemma

Just imagine seeing a runaway freight train roaring down the tracks towards where a group of children are trapped in a school bus stuck on the train tracks. If you could throw a switch onto a sideline the train would only kill one child playing in its path, but if you did so you would have deliberately with foresight caused the child’s death and so you would be guilty of causing the death of that child. If you did not act you would not be complicit of involvement in the deaths of the children killed in the school bus, but many lives would have been needlessly lost. What could you possibly decide to do in such a case?

The dilemma of having to make what appear to be good moral choices can often result in unintended results and we are frequently making choices which have unavoidable and unanticipated consequences. But we must act – we must always do something in order to become something, though if we lack the wisdom and courage we will be unable to make right choices. How we act must be constrained by what we are and sometimes what is right is then condemned as appalling by others who are in ignorance of the truth – the highest ideal.

Consider the leader of a great country who faces many such scenarios involving great numbers of possible human victims. Their decisions made must be based upon available intelligence – informed judgement – which must then face the jury of a vast uninformed population which often condemns the results of such actions.

The highest ideals of human beings are not necessarily synonymous with God’s will, which has been a source of contention for countless generations down through recorded history. So, who can know what is God’s will? How may we ascertain God’s will? Why are there now so many different religions? How can we determine the truth about religion? What is it that God actually expects from us during our lifetime? How may we come to comprehend God? What should be our highest ideals for human living?

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