Most people believe something good or even something heroic about themselves and many human beings of all religious persuasions believe that they are doing God’s work in some way. In Roman Catholicism personal conscience is sovereign and if one believes that they are doing the right thing then God cannot blame them for whatever it is that they have done.

Is Islam the same in its rules? Since there is only one God perhaps the rules are the same for everyone but there is a problem – Which rules come closest to what God expects? Because with God on your side there is nothing that you can’t do and it even gives a religious sanction to war if the bishops or imams say so. The problems arise because for some of us even wars have certain rules of conduct and breaking them carries penalties while for others their society does not punish undisciplined violence and brutality for their own religious reasons. Not all of the imams interpret Islam the same way nor the bishops with Christian ideals yet their own religious beliefs define how their followers think and react.

Western civilization has certain principles of religious freedoms and may allow things that are offensive to those in the East who have rigid opposing beliefs. In our world every place has its own orthodox ways, and good luck to any apostates who may happen to be unfortunate enough to live among religious fanatics. Although spiritual persons are religious, religious ones may not be very spiritual, for the two are not necessarily synonymous. The truly spiritual being is never fanatical. Instead, the spiritual being is always accepting of the beliefs of all others – religious freedom – and never attempts to persuade or coerce anyone else into changing their beliefs, unlike many religious types who certainly do so.

How may we develop the ability to open ourselves to the spirit realities available to human beings ? There are successive states above, levels of being beyond the normal human mind hidden in the spiritually conscious levels which are higher ranges of mind and degrees of elevated consciousness and experience. It is from these higher sources that the spiritual powers act upon our being and bring about the spiritual change – a transformation. To become your true self is to be free in yourself and therefore free in your mind, free in your life and free in your body for the Spirit is Freedom. So learn how to arise and transcend yourself – become your true self – and be a power for God within humanity and allow the consciousness and the will and knowledge of the Spirit express God’s will-to-action in the material world.

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