After all, although we should and do have faith our beliefs are not based on faith alone but upon the experiences and knowledge acquired during a lifetime of trials and testing.

This has become a spiritual adventure for us which will establish the spirit in every part of our composite being, inner and outer. It is the descent of higher consciousness into our physical and mental being, a deathless presence which envelops and permeates our very existence and causes us to dedicate and consecrate ourselves entirely to the pursuits of the divine spirit.

This implies a sustained attempt at discerning our true being, our developing individual soul which is a child of God, The Supreme Person whose fullest manifestation it desires. And because what the true child desires and The Father wills is inevitable the descent of the higher spiritual consciousness can and should occur now and not in some future age. We should not expect to just present to the world a new philosophical system or a new religious creed. Instead what is necessary is a change in fundamental beliefs, freedom from dogma and creeds. We must simply hope for a profound change of consciousness and an inner life of spiritual realization and recognize that the descent of the spiritual consciousness is inevitable.

And we must not be alarmed by the aspect of the world around us or disconcerted by adverse forces which increase as the light approaches closer to the world and matter, the power of illumination elevating and freeing our intellectual consciousness. Our present age is being prepared to receive the intimate presence of the most productive force in the universe, containing within itself the potentials of supreme knowledge which will pervade our most external and material levels of awareness. Essentially our personal obligation to humanity is our own individual development of that freedom in each of ourselves, which is the condition for the free development of all of us, all of humanity.

Then all may follow who have the courage and curiosity to experiment with the unknown and to exceed themselves and venture towards the ideal of human unity wherein we shall enjoy the association in which the free development of all will promote the kingdom of God upon Earth, and peace.