Is not our human life a spiritual quest to bring love, truth, beauty and goodness into this world?

Spiritual life descends and imparts itself to persons according to God’s will and purpose and it creates in them a purer personal love than any which the human heart can imagine. Only when one has felt this can they be an instrument for the advent and action of the spirit and there is nothing else which will diminish the tides of selfishness and hate in the individual and in society which now so disturbs human existence.

The love of human beings is a combination of emotions, passions and desires. Emotion is a vital and a necessary aspect of human nature but it has its perils it can get out of control and deteriorate into lower impulses and even become violent or vengeful. Mind, like emotion, can also get out of control and thoughts can lead us contrary to reason and good sense. We must seek a higher mentality free of the limitations and errors of the present state of the average human mind and we must seek to rise beyond emotions to the intensity of spiritual  consciousness, free from bondage to the ego and its desires. The lower ways of human love result in pain and troubles. The upheavals of wounded pride, vanities and anger and resentments are absent in the spirit which is greater and more enduring.

Whoever only loves particular individuals but not all of humanity does not possess spiritual love just as those who profess love for humanity but cannot feel a true personal love for other individuals do not possess it. How do we transform human love into spiritual love? The remedy is to break off self-identification with the ego and its bitter fruits and its vehement cries and its impulses and demands. One’s ego is not their real self. The soul is our real being and the repository of the spirit.

To change one’s nature requires more than our human powers and we must learn to call down into ourselves the higher and divine force and hold it there within us. By our fervent prayer and will and true desire for it we will become enabled to bring down into the world the divine consciousness and hold it there within us for the good of all of humanity. Fear is the enemy of spiritual growth because consciousness contracts in fear. Faith on the other hand evokes peace and an expansion of the consciousness in spiritual directions where we become able to trust deeply in the spiritual universe. But we tend to place our trust in material things and so remain afraid of our inner spiritual powers and presence, and it is this underlying fear which keeps most of us unaware that we possess the ability and power to raise ourselves into new heights of spiritual consciousness.