Looking through the veil into the Outer Dimension

The truly spiritual person is one who has discovered their soul.

Those who have discovered their soul will be changed by the power of their spiritual consciousness into a true and proper and perfectly responsive instrument of their spirit. To cease to be identified with the physical body and to separate one’s self from their body-consciousness is a necessary step towards spiritual liberation and towards spiritual perfection and mastery over nature. In the spiritual ascent the power of the spirit consciousness and its will – the control by the spirit and the inner mind of the soul over the outer mentality and the body and nervous being – increases greatly.

It is difficult to discover just where it is that the mental life stops and the spiritual life begins because there is a long period where they are becoming increasingly merged. The inner life is of supreme spiritual importance while the outer life has value only insofar as it is expressive of the inner status. There is something that grows and develops in us which strives to become the image of the being of the spirit in us while it is impelled to also work and live in the world outside and to try to make the world into something new and more perfect.

So on the one side we have the call of our spiritual being which is our real self and on the other side there exists the demands of the world around us. To become one’s true spiritual self is the one great thing to be done and for this we must exceed our outer self of the body – the material mind and the intellectual self – in order to become the soul.

This is the utmost necessity – that each individual shall discover the spirit within their own self and express that in all of their living and being, to transcend and to exceed the material consciousness of the physical body and to hold the physical nature and body only as an instrument for use as an expression of the soul and the spirit. This will lead to the greatest and most momentous and profound discovery that any human being can ever make, which is that mind and the force of the spirit can overcome and control life and matter by their being in unison and communion with the spirit consciousness of God The Father.

And so it is as it should be, for in generously giving ourselves to the Father’s spirit as the means whereby God becomes enabled to manifest Himself in the material realm and find personal satisfaction in self-expression in and through us, we in turn are enabled by His spirit gift to us to manifest our self in the spiritual realm and find great personal satisfaction in our self-expression in and through Him. This is because The Father will not allow us to be more generous than He is.