Questions remaining, such as “Why does our world exist?”


Science has never been able to answer the most significant questions such as Why does our world exist? and, Does God Exist? and, Does God obey His own divine laws?


Theologians long ago became convinced that the existence of God can be proved only through sacred scripture but they have repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempted to find verifications of God and so necessity prevailed and faith was given a higher status than knowledge. Then in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries scientists adopted new methods of enquiry. They abandoned tradition, mysticism and faith in everything they knew and proceeded to study nature and natural causes. They rejected purely speculative metaphysics and sought theories and hypotheses that were verifiable by empirical observation and they opened all scientific principles up to revision.

Scientific progress could only occur when theological and philosophical beliefs were set aside and a fresh approach was adopted. This eventually led to unprecedented breakthroughs in all areas of scientific research extending into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and continuing, and the effects impacted civilizations and transformed moral values and economic, social and even political standards.

Theologians reacted strongly, fearful that science was usurping their prerogatives, but scientific progress continued with impressive discoveries even while confronted with censorship by religious leaders who reacted adversely in spite of the evident achievements. This still continues in many parts of the world as religions such as the militant Muslims oppose secular democracy and fundamentalist religions in the USA oppose Darwinian Evolution, while some orthodox religions have very serious misgivings about scientific developments’ influence upon their traditional values and beliefs. However, given the historical facts that tremendous knowledge was derived and its benefits accrued from the changed philosophical approach to scientific investigation it is logical to assume that religion should have nothing to fear from changing its own philosophical  approaches and open itself up to searching for spiritual reality in new directions instead of just digging deeper into its ancient sacred texts for answers to these modern questions, because the truth is a real absolute and it poses no threat. All truth is not restricted to any one faith and to open one’s mind to wider consciousness of reality is not lack of faith. If one is afraid to ask questions in good faith they will not discover greater truths.

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Interactions between God’s spirit and human beings


A great majority of people everywhere live their entire lives trapped as intellectual prisoners within the narrow confines of the limited sensory world in which their minds exist and they are either unable or unwilling to escape their hopeless addiction to the anthropocentricity of their lives. Human nature is unique to each and every individual and it governs our emotions and learning by a function of the brain which connects our genetic and cultural development.

We are possessed of little sense – awareness – of anything beyond a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and the frequency bandwidth of sound and light. We are relatively blind and deaf and generally possessed of little recognition of the tremendous diversity of the myriad microscopic universe which surrounds and impinges upon us all. Many people suffer from conceptual poverty and ideational confusion and recognize little of other dimensions which exist apart from the three dimensions of space with which they are familiar and the one dimension referred to as time. Without the technology and instruments which have been invented to enable reception of radio and television waves and for microwaves and x-rays those would all remain unknown to human senses just as longer and shorter wavelengths of light and sound are unheard and invisible. Science postulates that entire invisible universes exist, and the vast majority of the known mass of matter – “Dark Matter” – existing in the entire universe is invisible even though its effects can be readily measured.

It seems logical to presume that spiritual realities also remain out of range of unaided human sensory perception which leads to ignorance and confusion and superstition and fear which predominates in people’s lives and their religions which suffer without spiritual perception. Spiritual people are always religious but religious people are not necessarily spiritual. Interactions occur between human beings and their spirit of God which is born into them when individuals choose to willingly consecrate and dedicate themselves as the medium or instrument for the spirit’s will-to-action in this material world. That becomes possible after their consciousness has become spiritually transformed.

An analogy for the way that the spirit’s will-to-action in any human instrument of the spirit may be manifested could be likened to that of a talented musician actualizing music from its stored potential in their mind or written in a music score by utilizing a piano or other musical instrument to transform it into sound – the sounds of music which may have been composed even hundreds of years previously brought to reality in the present. It is to those unselfish, normal-minded, stabilized persons who live on higher levels of moral and spiritual existence that the greatest possible degree of spiritual reality may be revealed. Their spirit inculcates in them a progressive obligation to help all others who are striving for spiritual attainment.

Although it is probably futile to speculate about just what it may be that God is actually attempting to manifest in this world it is certain that The Father has intentions which clearly involve the spiritualization of the human race – the Creator of intelligent life is constantly attempting to communicate with it and He desires all of His children to be in communion with Him.

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The Faith of Jesus of Nazareth


Just as we may appropriate a good idea or ideal from another person and adopt it as our own we may appropriate the religious faith of the human Jesus of Nazareth as our own and in that way we may come to experience spiritual reality. Jesus made the discovery in human experience of God The Father, and as we are we may experience the same satisfaction in our own experiences with The Father as Jesus did as he was.

Jesus revealed the true pathway that leads to God which can be followed by any human being who so desires, and he demonstrated for all mankind the entire range of the faith experiences possible for all of humanity, then and now.

If our human mind is unable to understand or conceive of how God is actually able to be present in our lives then we must each place faith in the fact that an actual part of God’s own Deity Nature is born within the mind and soul of each morally conscious human being and so we must constantly strive to attain the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence in order to prepare ourselves for the spirit presence of God to become manifested in our lives.

So, are we merely material beings gaining spiritual experience or are we actually spiritual beings gaining material experience, or are we a mysterious combination of those?

It is for each of us to make that discovery…

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The domain of God and the spiritual realms of existence which remain beyond the limited senses of the material mind is explored in the following series of discourses upon the nature of Human Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual Experiences, Spiritual Reality and the attainment of Enlightenment

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Reaching out for Spiritual Reality

What may the average person do to reach their spiritual potential during their lifetime? We should begin by becoming informed about the origins and the differences of the many and various religions of the world – the history of human search for God – and we should ask whether there is any one religion that is most likely to lead us to God, and why there are so many different religions. For ages in Europe and England there was superstition where God’s agency and the spirit world controlled the elements and directed people’s lives, and there was widespread belief in the supernatural and also the presence of the devil in their everyday life, some of which still continues in the Third Millennium. The Judeo – Christian Bible is certainly a good history but there are also many other religions all of which are significant avenues leading to God for their sincere adherents

Asking our religious teachers is no guarantee that we will discover anything new because they have in turn been taught and fervently believe what they hold to be truth which may or may not be spiritual reality, which is what we need to discover for ourselves. Since religion is really an individual’s relationship with God, and since it is quite possible to develop such a relationship, there may quite well actually be as many true religions as there are human beings in this world.

That having been said, let us proceed to each develop our own personal relationship with God, and since the Creator of intelligent life is constantly attempting to communicate with us we may be assured of success if we are sincere. There really is no one religion which is a better approach to God than another. Everything depends upon the sincerity of the individual. Instead of trying to “reinvent the wheel” as it were in one’s approach to this adventure it will be helpful to begin by realizing that there are those who have spent their lives learning just what we are also attempting to discover and we should examine some of what they have discovered in order to expedite our own search for spiritual realities. Bookstores are full of their ideas.

We will each develop a progressive obligation to humanity as we make progress in reaching elevated states of moral and spiritual existence because we are constantly being urged by God’s spirit to help everyone else to learn the truth about “Our Father”. Given that, after almost sixty years in pursuit of spiritual reality I feel the obligation to share my insights with others who may feel the urge to find God, which their soul is encouraging them to do. I am not interested in writing books for profit but am utilizing the non-profit venue of the website to disseminate what I have learned in a series of topics which addresses almost every conceivable question I had about our spiritual inheritance.

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What follows is a ten-part series of  topics describing the stages approaching the attainment of  spiritual enlightenment – spiritual transformation.



The Process of Spiritual Transformation


The pathway of spiritual transformation is the ascent of the human being towards God with a concomitant descent by the Divine Consciousness of The Father into their human nature

The ascent can only be achieved by a singleness of purposethe upwards aspiration of the combined mind, soul, body and life. The descent can only occur in response to the call of their entire being towards God’s eternal and infinite Divine consciousness. It is only when this aspiration and this call are there or if by some means they can be born and grow constantly within and seize all of the human nature that then and only then does the uplifting and transformation of their human nature become possible.

The call and the aspiration are only first conditions for along with them and brought by their effective intensity an opening of the entire being must constitute a total offering of all of the human nature on all of its levels to receive into itself without limits or constraints the spiritual consciousness which is waiting, already there enveloping the partially conscious existence. In the receiving of it there must exist no inability to contain it and no failure of any aspect of the human system of mind, nerve, life or body under the stress of the transformation. There must be limitless receptivity and increasing capacity to bear the ever-increasing strong and insistent action of the spiritual forces otherwise nothing permanent can be accomplished in the individual and the entire manifestation will arrestif the process is not to be a failure it must be absolute and completely integrated.

But since no human system has the capacity for endless receptivity the process will succeed only because the divine force itself as it descends increases the personal powers of the human being and thus compensates, equalizes the strength to receive it with the force that enters from above to work in the human nature. This is only possible if there is on our part a complete and never-failing consent and dedicated willingness to allow the spirit’s power to act however it needs to accomplish its tasks. Only the descent of the spiritual nature will accomplish this transformation of the human nature. 

However that anyone by their own efforts attempts to make themselves more than human they cannot by their own unaided force of will change themselves, transform themselves into the spiritual because of the natural limitations inherent within them. The total dedication to the spirit however difficult remains the only effective means for our human nature to become an instrument for the spirit of The Father. We must maintain the innocent trust as that of a child and recognize that it takes great courage to attempt to become spiritualized because those who are committed, consecrated and dedicated to the integration of their selfbody, mind, intellect and personalitywith their spirit of The Father must abandon all of their attachments to their past which are inimical to the attainment of spiritual consciousness in order to facilitate cooperative partnership with their spirit within them.

Although we must live a material existence while existing in close intimate personal association with The Father’s spirit as we also work and interrelate in a normal way with other people we must learn to disassociate ourselves from the distracting influences which constantly assail our senses. We must remain in the world yet not be of the world. This enables The Father’s spirit to manifest in the material which is difficult at best, and for God to find self-expression in it. Just what the self-expression of The Father’s spirit consists of we can only imagine but it must be of the nature of revealing Himself to those persons who are capable of recognition of it and of experiencing it by their individual spiritual level of consciousness. 

The rarest of human beings, those whose entire existence is established in God rather than in the material world, are enabling God to reach down as it were into the material yet even while committing themselves completely to Him they are somehow enabled to remain among humanity since in reaching God they do not depart from humanity but rather are drawn towards it. They are to become the great helpers of humanity, chosen by God and Nature to lead the way for all human beings to accomplish that to which our humanity is slowly rising.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part I – Human Nature

Human Nature is unique to each individual. It governs our emotions and our learning by a function of the brain connecting genetic and cultural development. Unfortunately for us all we are relatively blind and deaf, only able to perceive a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and the frequency bandwidth of sound and light and possessed of little sense of the immensity of the diversity of the myriad microscopic life forms in our world or the staggering enormity of the macroscopic universe beyond it.

When I began my own search for spiritual truth – spiritual reality – during the early 1960’s. I realized that if I was ever going to find spiritual truth I must rely entirely upon God’s spirit leadings for guidance because many religious instructors in every religion have prejudiced their students. I decided to concentrate upon the highest of all pertinent studies  that of Human Being – the meaning of our human existence. That having been said let us consider how we may discover spiritual realities, which are almost unrecognizable by those who are not sufficiently spiritualized.

First we should recognize that just as anyone attempting to learn a new language or develop new skills must acquire experience in order to become adept, one must develop and gain spiritual experience in order to be able to raise their consciousness to higher levels of moral and spiritual existence.  What seriously retards spiritual development is selfishness, but it is not natural in human nature for anyone to become unselfish. Without the development of unselfish humanitarian instincts it is very difficult to accomplish because by His very nature God is the single greatest humanitarian and if we hope to develop an intimate spiritual relationship with The Father we need and must try to become like Him, insofar as that is possible (Matthew 5:48) because the truth of spiritual reality is absolute.

Most people are searching for provable truths but truth is often accompanied by serious pain and hardly anyone is looking for painful truth. People want something which makes them feel as though their lives have significance and meaning, which is where religion enters. If a belief in one ideal serves to make their life appear to be something having deeper meaning and value than another then that serves as their truth. If another belief makes them appear powerless and worthless that is rejected as false whether it is the truth or not. Most people try to preserve their identity and their sanity by denial and rejection of images of themselves as being insignificant whether they are true or not. Those people who insist that the truth is absolute and undeniable, pleasant or not, will incur the displeasure of those who deny such truths.

We should resolve to raise ourselves each day in all sincerity and goodwill to the highest possible levels of moral and spiritual existence in an ardent aspiration towards the light of Truth which is the source of the intellectual life of the universe, so that it may pervade us entirely and illuminate our minds and hearts with its great brilliance, and purify all our thoughts and our actions. With the aid of our soul we will soon begin to develop true compassion and when one sees things that appear so awful such as the poverty and starvation which is rampant and the great pain suffered by so many human beings then we develop in our spiritualizing being the aspiration to alleviate all that. As a consequence of the recognition of the immense sufferings of humanity there arises a tremendous resolve to consecrate oneself entirely to helping to alleviate it.

If we desire to make progress we must ask our soul to build within our consciousness a strong and pure mental image which can become the guide to prevent us from going astray, almost as a beacon to light our way. Each individual should develop this mental image according to their own tendencies and affinities and aspirations, but if we want it to be truly spiritual it must be founded on the idea that it is the intellectual representation symbolizing that which is at the centre of our being. That is that our life and our light, our origin and ourselves God and ourselves are at one and this oneness should not be understood merely as a more or less close and intimate relationship or union but as our true spiritual identity.


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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part II – The Limitations

A great majority of people are trapped like intellectual prisoners within the narrow and limited confines of the sensory world in which their minds exist. They are either unwilling or unable to grasp reality and hopelessly addicted to the anthropocentricity of their lives, yet human beings are the only form of life in our part of the universe capable of comprehending such intellectual sophistries.

When anyone seeking enlightenment attempts to ascend towards spiritual reality they begin unaware that all their knowledge and all their intuition cannot take them forward in this endeavour. Neither do they comprehend that what they want to attain what they believe to be so far from them is actually present within them, for how could they know anything of the origin until they become conscious of this origin within them? It is only by and through understanding themselves and by learning to really know that they can make the supreme discovery of their true identity. When human beings recognize the omnipresent spirit of God, and when in each living creature they shall perceive some hint of that, and when they can see something of God in all others then daylight will break dispelling the darkness, the falsehood, the ignorance, the errors and suffering that weigh upon all Nature. This is the central thought which should be ever present in our mind as the light of the spirit that illumines all life.

Essentially there must occur two parallel movements in the spiritual evolution of the individual and it is because people generally neglect one or the other of those movements in order to concentrate on one of them that their progress becomes halting and unbalanced. The first is to become conscious of all of the constituent elements of our being, material and sensory as well as intellectual and spiritual. We must become acquainted with the mechanisms of the life within us with all of its tendencies, qualities, faculties and varied activities without any prejudice about what is good or evil, and without any arbitrary judgment about what should subsist and what should disappear, or what should be encouraged and what should be suppressed.

Our vision of what we are must become objective, unbiased, if we want it to be clear. We are faced with an inner universe which we must explore with a dispassionate attitude of perfect mental impersonality without any a priori judgments. Whatever we may think, this work of observation, analysis and introspection is never completed. In any event, as long as we live on earth in a physical body we should always study the immensely complex being that we are so that no element may elude our knowledge and therefore our control, for we can only master that which we know, and we can only command that which we have mastered.

This brings us to the second movement which should exist concomitant with the firstIt is the consecration and dedication and the constantly repeated surrender of all of the elements subject to our control. Each element, each tendency and each faculty must be surrendered to the sovereign guidance of the Eternal spirit with the simple trust of a child. The spirit will utilize all those elements in the right way, for it alone can separate what can be used from what must be eliminated. Perhaps everything is of value and can be utilized, since by the spirit all is transformed and illumined because whatever becomes conscious of the spirit and gives itself to the spirit becomes of the spirit. One of these two movements without the other is incomplete and one-sided, and to consecrate our being in one of them is not enough. All of the elements that we do not know and have not mastered elude this consecration and so follow their own law instead of conforming to the Eternal Law and therefore become the source of much disturbance.

However, in order for us to attempt to become significantly conscious of ourselves in our smallest details will be in vain and sterile if it is not done for the sake of spiritual transformation, in order that the spirit and the soul can be made the ruler of all these elements. It is only by the balanced union of these two movements that it will be possible to begin to truly become transformed from the purely material into a spiritual being.

One must persevere and endure. Those are the two absolutely indispensable things endurance and a perseverance that nothing can shake even if you are unwell, even if you are tired, you must be determined to endure. Above all one must remain confident. The big difficulty in Matter is that the material consciousness the mind in Matter has been formed under the pressures of difficulties, obstacles, sufferings, and struggles and that has left upon it a residue of pessimism and defeatism which is certainly a serious obstacle. For the results to be lasting and not some temporary effect that comes and then fades, it must really be a spiritual transformation. One must be very patient because we must contend with a consciousness which clings to what is most comfortable, to what has appealed to it as truth, and even if it is quite a shaky truth it clings to that and does not want to change, and that is why to rectify that one must have patience and endurance.

Another thing one can do is reject preconceived ideas. The moral principles of society, their set rules of conduct what one must do and what one must not do and its preconceived ideas from the moral point of view, from the point of view of progress and all the social and mental conventions, those are obstacles. There are people who have actually failed to surmount such mental obstacles to spirituality. If one can be truly open as a child with a simplicity that knows that it is ignorant yet ready to receive whatever comes then something can happen as long as they maintain a desire for progress for knowledge, for transformation. To cling to something one believes, that one knows or to something that one feels, or to something that one loves, or to cling to one’s habits, or one’s needs, or to cling to their world as it is, it is that which prevents progress. We must learn to release all those one after another release all of the ties that bind. People continue to do the same things repeatedly and even those who are most eloquent and preach to others cling to their own ways of seeing, their ways of feeling their habits of progress.

To make the spiritual transformation one must always be prepared to change everything except their aspiration for that something of which they are in need the love, the truth, and the supreme spirit the spiritual reality. There are some individuals who are making the necessary efforts to prepare for their eventual spiritual transformation and so it is that the effort for spiritual transformation, being reduced to a smaller number of persons, will become much more precious and much more significant for all the rest of humanity for its eventual realization. It is as though a choice has been made that those who are the pioneers, those who are able to prepare for the transformation whose number is necessarily very restricted, must develop more and more in the midst of the ordinary human masses.

Because at the same time, along with those who are working for the transformation and who are ready for it there must also develop an intermediary humanity which has found in itself that harmony with life which brings the same feelings of devotion and faithful consecration to that something which seems to attract it to live under its influence and to have the delight of being under its protection, but which is not their immediate destiny to attain because the amount of transformation needed for them is premature for their life.


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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part III – The Consciousness Force


Such as we are we are like children facing death, living beings who do not understand very well how they live or why or where they are going. But this dark avenue we tread is to lead us to a greater light, not dependent upon dogma or creeds but a transformation of our consciousness into a consciousness of mastery of ourselves and our world and awareness of the spirit of God which is born into the material realm within us. That the spirit of God is or is not in this world with us doesn’t make much difference if the knowledge of the spirit in our life is not accompanied by its power over life for us. Those persons who are sincerely seeking spiritual enlightenment must necessarily be truly unselfish in order to be able to be receptive of the spirit consciousness and the life force energy which will descend into them from God and bring a real spiritual transformation of their human nature.

Science discovered that matter and energy are convertible because matter is condensed energy. Following the onset of spiritual transformation the individual will discover that the energy descending into them from God is a consciousness force. Matter itself is a form of consciousness and the spirit has direct mastery of material energies because the consciousness force is a substance which is readily manipulated by the spirit of God which can act upon matter and transform it by utilizing the powers of the spiritualizing human mind.

In the developing and transforming individual the invisible force produces tangible results inwards and outwards and alters the mind and develops its powers, which brings new fields of knowledge. It will control the condition and the functioning of their physical body and also their human nature and it will influence people and things. When such persons choose to become the instrument of the spirit for its self-expression and manifestation in the material realm by making a loving gift of their material human being to God, already has The Father given to them the gift of His spirit to be their divine companion, which allows the individual’s soul to find self-expression and manifestation in the spirit realm by and with the consent of this spirit gift of The Father. This is because God will not allow us to be more generous than he is.

Naturally this is a gradational process depending upon the receptivity and cooperation of each individual. The ascent of the human being here in this life into the realm of the spirit and the concomitant descent of the spirit into the realm of our normal humanity and its transformation of the earthly nature is the thing. Here the ascent is the first step because it is the means for the descent of the spirit. The new consciousness attained from the ascent and the concomitant descent of the spirit consciousness force is the object for the fulfillment of life.

In truth what we have now is not the dark of night which has descended upon the world as the predictors of the End of Times would have us believe but instead it is the spiritual light which has been buried, the truth forgotten in a darkened interlude awaiting the new dawn, a new emergence of the light of the truth of the great hidden potentials awaiting the seekers of spiritual awareness if only they will consent to become receptive. For every single person who succeeds in making the transformation it is a victory for all of humanity because within that conscious human being is the symbolic battleground of a fight being contested in all human beings. That is why our life on earth assumes such an exceptional importance among all of the possible modes of existence hereafter.


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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part IV – Self-Mastery

Religion is not a contest or a form of rivalry. God has summoned us all to unfold a new life born again of the spirit and for this a higher power of the spirit life force energy will descend into us as a new consciousness but the new power will not descend for us alone – it will withdraw unless we aspire to it for all of humanity. That is the condition for spiritual attainment.

It is our mission to realize the spiritual on Earth and to conquer evil and ignorance and diseases and premature death. It is a heroic work, and amid the dangers, beauties, love and pain and hardships of life God desires to reveal Himself through us to the world. Therefore we must not pain ourselves to think of ourselves as impure and unworthy sinners. Instead we must maintain a conscience void of offense. To those who will give themselves over to Him God makes immediately in return a gift of Himself a part of His own nature because we first gave ourselves to Him.

Our present self has done fairly well for us but it is not our highest nature. For that we must receive a new consciousness a new power that will guide us beyond ignorance. To transform ourselves we must also work for the transformation of all others otherwise the change both in ourselves and in them will not be made possible to its fullest extent. Of course our mind was once less than it now is and it would be failure if our mind did not become more than it now is. It is only with firm and unbending resolve that we can gain control over our mind and freedom from all its restlessness our mind should not be our master nor our thoughts our chains, so we must learn how to master our mind and control its wanderings and how to insulate it against undue outside influences. We should develop a calm and unmoved state of mind and then what will follow will be an inner silence and stillness that no outer actions or events can disturb.

When we learn to control ourselves in mind, emotions and body then we will become able to manifest our soul within us which will in turn become increasingly manifested through our outer being. By this transformation there will be established all that ennobles and is merciful and all that is graceful, true, beautiful, unselfish, pure, good and great in human beings. Those who become thus transformed love others but do not accept their errors. They despise no one but instead strive to defeat ignorance, injustice and the oppression of any and all other people.

However, we cannot become transformed without the aid of divine grace and force – to transform our nature to the spiritual requires the infinite skill of God. If we will call for transformation God will bring it to us but if we do not call He will wait for our soul to awaken from its distractions. By these things is spirituality realized: Love for God and love for all beings; Overcoming narrow egotistic demands and actions; Entering into a wider consciousness of all existence; Descent of spiritual light and power; and, Transformation of our human nature through descent of the spiritual force.

So, first we must make the call and whatever the obstacles aspire and all else will be done for all will be made possible by divine grace. One who unfolds their spirit should discern that it is revealed to the world for God has summoned us to unfold a new life and reveal a new spirit to this world.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part V – The Ego

It is necessary for the spiritual consciousness to descend into us and emerge from within us in order for us to attain enlightenment and liberation – conscious union with the Spirit. This descent of the consciousness-force must permeate not only our minds and bodies but also our will and our emotions. It must be stressed that the spiritual descent and the concomitant changes to be effected must be in these active aspects not only our mind but our human nature and our will must be transformed and it is not the mind itself which will transform but the spiritual force.

If the higher consciousness descends only into the mind it may bring peace, deliverance and possibly knowledge but it is only when the spiritual force comes into the will and the emotions that the actual realization of peace in our lives becomes a living reality. We may even gain a high degree of knowledge and have occasional peace in the soul and some valid spiritual experiences but if we cannot calm our vital will and energies, if we cannot control our passions and emotions then we cannot have real peace in our life. We may have strong faith and a satisfying intellectual concept concerning the spiritual life yet at the same time our life, emotions and egotistical self make almost a mockery of our progress – we may make steps forward and then feel we have regressed then become discouraged. Everyone who seeks to follow the spiritual path experiences these trials.

To succeed in overcoming these setbacks it is necessary for us to comprehend that it is our own very human nature itself with which we are contending and the narcissistic material ego which is determined to always have its own way as if neither reason nor heart nor soul exists. If it is not subdued we can neither act rightly nor live calmly. We rely on our reasoning mind to direct, control and organize our lives and so we tend to accept that our mind is the master and can solve our problems – that is that body and life can be satisfactorily regulated by the mind. However this is not the case – too often the mind looks around frantically for anything that can control and regulate its own disorder. Psychiatrists stay very busy with people in this dilemma.

The mind must be quieted by bringing down into it the power of the spirit. The mind itself must also surrender to the higher spiritual consciousness, and the life, the will and the emotions must all make the same surrender. The spiritual descent must come into the life and will as a function different from the mind as an integral part of our entire being but retaining its own autonomy and freedom of action.

The individual’s ego will not meekly submit to being repressed or suppressed either but it must also surrender itself to God and serve the spirit just as the mind and will surrender. Not a passive surrender however, but dynamically by the will of the personality their energy and the emotions and the self – all must become dedicated to the spirit. Then will the battles between the mind and the ego diminish and peace will occur between and within them.

From then on what we do in our lives is done for the spirit – for its truth and purposes with happiness and love in our lives. If we keep ourselves open to the spiritual force the transformation will occur for us. Only offer to God every element of your being and you will succeed because there is no failure for the person who is sincere and constant in their spiritual search.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part VI – The Levels of Consciousness

Spirituality is a progressive awakening to the inner reality of our being to a spirit self our soul which is other than our material mind, body and life. It brings an inner aspiration to know and to enter into contact and union with the greater reality of God’s spirit which is born within us. As the result of this aspiration, contact and union a conversion a transformation into a new being occurs.

We human beings are faced with basic vexing philosophic problems for which we must seek new solutions such as should we devote our efforts and energies to trying to improve this world. On the one side there is the sense of evil and material limitations in contrast with our intuition of spiritual perfection and on the other there are the capacities for intelligence and love in us and our persistent and insistent need to find every phase of our life meaningful. If the world is not worthwhile which its evils and limitations urge us to believe then we would best devote ourselves exclusively to those spiritual pursuits which could take us out of it and into another world which is. But any already perfect world would have no need of our actions to bring it to its destiny, so what then would be the role of human creativity?

If we cannot use it seriously here on Earth and need not use it in any future perfect world what can be the significance of the images of the divine love and power we contain within ourselves? If the spiritual which we seek is here in this world and the world is capable of transformation then an entirely new approach to life and living becomes possible and a way exists of combining in intellectual vision and concrete actions the extremes of human creative possibilities on the material level and the transcendent actuals of God’s spirit present in us. Essentially we must attempt to orient the minds of all humanity towards the quest for union with the spirit of God the divine presence in this world. For this it is necessary to invoke a higher level of consciousness above the finite human levels as the bridge to reach the spiritual mindedness and realize such union on an individual basis.

Waking consciousness does not describe the whole range of human consciousness which includes subliminal consciousness, dream consciousness, the sub-consciousness and the deep unconscious. There are associated with the complex human nervous system many levels of consciousness, some lower and others higher than what we consider ordinary consciousness. One should attempt to become aware of levels of consciousness above the ordinary mind. These are not faculties or ways of knowing they are elevated realms of being, fields of existence. When anyone ascends to one of them or its powers descend into them it is not only their knowledge which is affected but their entire being.

The key is to grasp the whole range of the levels of consciousness from the lowest mind involved in the material world through the ascending series upwards to the moral and spiritual levels of the down-reach by God’s spirit.

By devoting effort to transforming the lower levels of being by the descent of the higher levels of consciousness one may develop the most practical and relevant method for gaining an understanding and mastery of the problems of our world. Each stage of this ascent is into a new light and power of a greater existence. Important extensions of consciousness occur in all of the levels above the normal mind level but the ascent requires a new dimension in which the individual ego is replaced by a sense in which interior experiences formerly perceived as originating from the individual’s ego are now recognized as originating from a spiritual source.

One’s sense of self becomes expanded and the sense of peace, quiet, light, unity within oneself and harmony with others, the sense of being in touch with reality, of being in communion with the spirit increases from level to level. However, the lower levels of the human nature cling tenaciously to fixed habits of operating within their limited world. This is a persistence they were obliged to develop in order to maintain survival during their evolutionary growth but now for the same reason in order for spiritual evolution to advance they must give way and allow themselves to adapt in order for the volitional powers to become augmented in their intensity and effectiveness.

The realization is to become effective through all of the layers of being down to every part of the material body and that is why it alone can bring about the transformation of the whole mental, vital and material being into a perfect medium of expression of the spirit the importance of matter and the cooperation of the human body in the achievement of the spiritual life on earth, not renunciation of the body and worldly activities.

In human beings the process of spiritual evolution reaches a point in which the product of the process begins to participate in the agency of the process and can by their free acts either prevent or make possible the next step. This is an individual process and characterizes the development which the person experiences in their consciousness and spiritual life. Through this both our world and we each can be radically transformed and spiritualized but we must work at it in order to realize this high aspiration – we must do something in order to become something.

Up until now the highest state of evolution we have observed is that of humanity in the condition of struggling for knowledge and control of the environment. Frustrated by limited vision and power we nevertheless experience strong aspirations towards a richer life – in ancient times even primitive humans were trying to attain a higher spirituality and a higher level of consciousness above mere sensations and reason. The striving upwards towards an increased consciousness is the most outstanding characteristic of human life the urge towards spirituality is the inner driving of the spirit within human beings towards emergence the insistence of the consciousness-force of the being towards the next step of its manifestation.

If it is true that this is primarily a spiritual evolution then the human being as is cannot be the final result of the evolution because it is too imperfect an expression of the spirit. It is in the nature of human beings to know matter, life and mind in order to master them and this is the hidden urgency of the spirit in them pressing them on to full existence and full consciousness. The stage at which humanity presently appears cannot allow them to stop where they now find themselves and the spiritual evolution must go either beyond its present term in them or else bypass them if they do not have the determination and drive to proceed. We must bring all of our forces of intellectual knowledge, willpower and practical action, all of the hidden capacities of our consciousness to bear and focus those on this one objective.

Our sense of participation in the workings of nature must increase and we must develop a more intimate intuition in harmony with nature so that our being can be aligned with the energies of the universe. That would be a real participation by the individual with the consciousness force of the universe a conscious partner of the spirit of God. Then one would not be subject to any determinism because one would be united with the source of all determination. The human being’s will becomes truly free only when it is aligned with God’s will and if the human soul can be opened to God then it will be seen that the egoistic life was only a prelude to the superior human life even as early animal life with no reflective consciousness was only a prelude to the appearance of human consciousness levels.

Such an opening to the spirit would mean the transformation of the limited ego into a conscious centre of unity and freedom and would be the spiritual result towards which the cycles of our evolution are moving. There are clear signs of the superior consciousness to come and in those capable of sensation of it the stirring of their mind is evidence. There are higher levels of consciousness, and spirituality emerging in mind is the sign of the power which itself has founded and constituted body, mind and life, and is now emerging as a spiritual being in a living and thinking material body.

Just how far the emergence will progress and whether the emerging spirituality will become dominant in its turn as has mind, life and matter before it is the question, and whether human beings will be the instrument and whether our world will be the scene of this most remarkable achievement. When there is a decisive emergence one sign of it is a consciousness which knows itself by the very fact of its being, is aware in it of something that is not mind or life or body. Evidently there is a spiritual consciousness which is other than the mental which testifies to the existence of a spiritual being in us which is different from our outer mental personality.

This is already a considerable evolution and amounts to the beginning of a spiritual transformation. The spiritual being once inwardly liberated can develop in their mind the higher states of being and draw down into them energy and power from above to augment their nature by rising into the higher state of consciousness. If the infinite potential of the human being, who alone stands between spirit and matter with the power to mediate between them, has any meaning other than an ultimate awakening from the delusions of material existence then such an emergence of the spirit in humans would be that uplifted goal – a real victory of spirit over mind, life and matter through a free occupation of mind life and body by conscious spirit.

The control of mind, body and life by the higher consciousness has already been achieved to some degree by some human beings but the full transformation is still to come in which the spiritual consciousness will realize its manifestation upon Earth not only in soul but in matter. The earthly life need not be anguished. Spiritual attainment by human beings is the means whereby God may become manifested in the material world. The condition of receptivity is the opening of the self to the power of the spirit above but the active principle in the transformation is accomplished only by the grace of God following the call from the individual who is willing to recognize and not deny the illumination when it comes. Human effort is necessary to prepare them to receive the higher consciousness when it descends.

This effort involves integration of all of the aspects of life and its goal is to see the spiritualized mind freely expressing itself in the material matter of the human body, which is the unity of the highest and the lowest. Its goal does not involve escape from this world – it is life in the midst of the world, combining all features of human activity. It works as much by the descent of higher powers into the lower levels as by endeavouring to raise human consciousness up to the higher levels and its ideal is not just the elevation of the individual but also of the entire race of human beings.

Now of course it is not expected that this elevation will occur in the whole human race at once but that there will become a general admission of the ideal and a widespread endeavour on behalf of all. The actual achievement is always the work of the individual, with the gradually rising general level of consciousness made possible only by individuals who will constitute growing communities. Just as the individual is crucial in bringing the whole world to spiritual realization because finding the soul is the first step in the transformation, conversely it is the individual’s failure to find and live by their real self – their soul – that is the source of all of the evil and troubles in this world.

At the outset, in order for the soul to emerge and dominate the entire being there must first be a direct contact with the spiritual reality, which is to say the soul must consciously reach out towards God. Only such an overpowering contact can integrate all of the various aspects of our being and energize it for the conversion that is the prerequisite. There are various ways of reaching out for this contact and one way is through the thinking mind leading to the realization of its truth and value above all personal attachments to others. Another way is when the mind goes beyond to the awareness of Supreme Personal Being and attains love for God and all other creatures. Yet another way is to practice consecration of the personal, pragmatic will and all of its actions and the personal will becomes identified with the will of the spirit – the body, mind, intellect and personality all become dedicated to the spirit.

By combining these approaches a condition is attained in which there is a larger and more complex openness within us to the reality now felt from above which is enveloping and penetrating our being. One must transfer the seat of one’s personal identity to the inner being and become the soul. The soul then becomes the ruler and guide of the entire human nature under the over-control of the inborn spirit and the whole conscious being is made ready for spiritual experiences and begins to ascend out of ignorance.

After this movement inwards there must be an opening upwards to a higher existence and the descent of its powers into our being, even into the lowest recesses of the life and body and mind – into the subconscious. This is the invasion of the infinite into the finite, an invasion of spirit into matter. A person undergoing this transformation who lives in the presence of these higher spiritual experiences may frequently have a sense of being divided – they become aware of an inner self who enjoys the realization of things spiritual and an outer self who is still governed by the material values of existence. Only the descent of the higher mind with its perfect unity of truth and knowledge can establish in the outer as in the inner existence the harmony of the spirit for it alone can transform the values of the human being.

Then a different condition of life prevails, a transition which the lower nature is itself entirely incapable of effecting. The most we can do is prepare ourselves to receive this grace of God. All of this implies the sacrifice by the nature of the individual of its most cherished established ways. The mind must abandon its favourite ways of idea formation and all of its preconceived notions and opinions, all habits of judgment and observation. It must abandon its desires and reflex actions and all its instinctive attachments to the ways of the physical body – all of those must be made available for transformation by the descending spiritual consciousness.

When the ascent to the higher consciousness or its descent into us begins it follows certain steps – grades. It passes through levels of consciousness which are intermediate between ordinary conscious mind and Illumined mind. These are domains of being – states of existence. It will descend into the world and develop the powers of the spirit in the human nature and this new power will be essentially a control of the spirit over mind, life and matter.

The spiritualizing being will experience all of their actions in the world as those of God’s spirit acting through them and they will become aware of this in every part of their individual consciousness and every part of their physical being. The individual concerned will be in the world and also exceed it in their consciousness and live in their transcendent self above it. The transformed being will be aware of Spiritual Reality and it is for that they will exist – for its will in their self and in a spirit of large universality. A comprehensive change of being is God’s intention for human beings and it will reach its objective by totally integrating the human and the spiritual aspects, that God may be transcendent, universal and individual – all in all.

There has been a long tradition teaching that the ultimate goal for humanity cannot be achieved in this world. All of the religions have taught that this world is only the arena for the trial of the soul which will then find its rest and rewards elsewhere in some hereafter. However it is not impossible for human beings to achieve the goal within the world through continuous transformation. It is not inconsistent that a human being can be united with the Infinite and still be incarnate in the finite world because God can incarnate part of His nature in a finite form in a human being. Clearly the two are not contradictory – it is only our mental logic which would persuade us that these are incompatible.

It is not finitude or limitation or being within material form that is the barrier to union with God’s spirit. Simply it is false delusion – the illusion of our being identified with our ego and the belief that we are separate entities excluded from direct communication with God which is the barrier. And so it is not getting rid of the material world that makes the difference but ridding ourselves of egotism. How can this be done? Why should we not trust the power of God in this world to accomplish it? We must play an active role in this – it will not just happen automatically because it involves our basic freedom of choice. It is our own self-consciousness which has to be transformed and this is not easy with our unconscious and subconscious habits and tendencies.

Nothing in God’s spirit finding self-expression in this world has ever been easy. Everything has developed slowly and from its own potentials. Since God has chosen to manifest Himself in the finite in this way let us not be weak or revolt against the world or become impatient but let us instead unite ourselves with the spirit and cooperate in this great enterprise. Let us call upon God to sustain us in the struggle to bring on the next phase of the His manifestation planned for this world. It is difficult but it is not impossible. There is evolution and since this is so we need not seek to escape from the world to advance. And since the world is a part of God’s attempts at self-expression we must not abandon it if we would be true to our spiritual vocation.

And so the object is for us to become increasingly conscious, to increase continually in our realized being and awareness of our self and things and to express that becoming dynamically in such action in the world and in ourselves that both it and we shall grow increasingly towards the highest possible attainment – the largest possible breadth of universality and infinity of spirituality.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part VII – The Obstacles

It seems hopeless to attempt to appeal to the reasoning of those who are so inculcated with beliefs which fixate their lives and actions as to cause them to continue to practice primitive sacrificial ceremonials at the altar to beseech God for forgiveness because of their innate sense of guilty sinfulness. The human soul is pure and holy so it can hardly approach the personality which is barricaded behind the walls of their guilty mindset of the sense of evil and sinfulness perpetrated upon them by those priests and confessors who place themselves between humanity and God. Priests have become obstacles to the very thing which the soul and spirit is attempting to fosterspiritual relationship with God. What a tragic irony! So how may we discover the means to extricate ourselves from its predisposition for such primitive attitudes and religious practices and release our souls from their bondage? 

The mind is the instrument or medium through which the soul materializes its individual world and lives and evolves until it has become perfected and united in consciousness with spiritual reality God’s spirit. Although the mind is immaterial it is affected by matter and becomes a product of consciousness and matter, the presence of both being necessary for its functioning.

Spiritual transformation is not easy. It requires an attitude of sincere devotion and perseverance, whole-hearted application. The objective is the highest prize of human achievement and its pursuit must necessarily be very exacting in its demands upon the time and energies of the seeker of spiritual enlightenment. Circumstances and habits may not allow them to become totally absorbed all at once but they must work steadily and deliberately towards this end, gradually eliminating all activities and interests which either interfere with their main objective or uselessly consume their time and energies.

Once we become able to recognize and concentrate exclusively on the concealed inner being and quiet the material consciousness then it can begin its manifestation with a larger consciousness, free from its previous limitations, freed from the ignorance of the presence of the Spirit of God, and raise our being to it and bring down the powers of the higher level to transform the previously ignorant mind into a new and greater self-creation. This is what happens when the consciousness of our being decides to raise its evolution from the mental up to the spiritual levels of earthly existence.

Almost all human beings normally devote all of their energies to their physical needs, interests, desires and ideals and that is natural enough because it is imposed upon us by the very nature of our material being. Our call must be to live on new heights in all of our being so that the whole of what we are should rise into the spiritual consciousness and become a manifested power of the spirit. Our mental and physical existence is not destroyed or diminished or impaired by our becoming spiritualized but instead it becomes able to achieve possibilities which in their unspiritual condition could not be practicable or imaginable.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part VIII – Preparation


            How can we change – transform – while living in this world? 

          Must we wait until after the dissolution of our material body in order to accomplish our spiritual destiny – our spiritual transformation?

It seems hopeless to attempt to appeal to the reasoning of those who are so inculcated with beliefs which fixate their lives and actions as to cause them to continue to practice primitive sacrificial ceremonials at the altar to beseech God for forgiveness because of their innate sense of guilty sinfulness. The human soul is pure and holy so it can hardly approach the personality which is barricaded behind the walls of their guilty mindset of the sense of evil and sinfulness perpetrated upon them by those priests and confessors who place themselves between humanity and God. Priests have become obstacles to the very thing which the soul and spirit is attempting to foster spiritual relationship with God. What a tragic irony! So how may we discover the means to extricate ourselves from its predisposition for such primitive attitudes and religious practices and release our souls from their bondage? 

The mind is the instrument or medium through which the soul materializes its individual world and lives and evolves until it has become perfected and united in consciousness with spiritual reality God’s spirit. Although the mind is immaterial it is affected by matter and becomes a product of consciousness and matter, the presence of both being necessary for its functioning.

Spiritual transformation is not easy. It requires an attitude of sincere devotion and perseverance, whole-hearted application. The objective is the highest prize of human achievement and its pursuit must necessarily be very exacting in its demands upon the time and energies of the seeker of spiritual enlightenment. Circumstances and habits may not allow them to become totally absorbed all at once but they must work steadily and deliberately towards this end, gradually eliminating all activities and interests which either interfere with their main objective or uselessly consume their time and energies.

Once we become able to recognize and concentrate exclusively on the concealed inner being and quiet the material consciousness then it can begin its manifestation with a larger consciousness, free from its previous limitations, freed from the ignorance of the presence of the Spirit of God, and raise our being to it and bring down the powers of the higher level to transform the previously ignorant mind into a new and greater self-creation. This is what happens when the consciousness of our being decides to raise its evolution from the mental up to the spiritual levels of earthly existence.

Almost all human beings normally devote all of their energies to their physical needs, interests, desires and ideals and that is natural enough because it is imposed upon us by the very nature of our material being. Our call must be to live on new heights in all of our being so that the whole of what we are should rise into the spiritual consciousness and become a manifested power of the spirit.

Our mental and physical existence is not destroyed or diminished or impaired by our becoming spiritualized but instead it becomes able to achieve possibilities which in their unspiritual condition could not be practicable or imaginable. If we desire to change – actually transform the physical conditions of this world and do so by the power of consciousness two conditions must be met. The first is to discover the principle of consciousness which will have the power to transform matter and the other is to work in one’s own individual body since the human body is the point of insertion of the consciousness into matter.

None of the levels of consciousness known to humanity so far has had the power to operate this change. It is true that by sheer force of discipline certain individuals have been able to defy natural laws and triumph over their own bodies but it was a question of individual changes which were not transmissible to others and were not truly transformations of matter. The laws which govern the body of the Hindu Yogi remain essentially what they are and only certain particular effects – supernatural ones – are imposed temporarily upon the natural by the Yogi.

For the transformation envisaged herein it is not a question of acquiring supernatural powers which affect the natural but of changing the very nature of the human being and their physical conditioning – truly a transformation and not isolated incidents of control. We need a new principle of existence which must establish itself definitively among us, at first in a few and then spreading to all of those who are prepared. This is just as the mind principle and the life principle became definitively established on Earth. In other words this is the need to create humanity on the Earth which will no longer be subject to the laws of ignorance, suffering and decomposition which have long dominated the world. This may seem fantastic or grandiose because we tend to view these things from the restricted perspective of a few decades. However it is completely in conformity with the evolutionary principle spread out over a long time.

We may perceive that there has been the gradual descending of the spirit into material forms which enables the growth of the soul and the spirit in material human beings and we may wonder whether the spirit could ever remain satisfied within the confines of human narrowness and whether following the death of the human body the spirit would simply wish to return to its former existence. But it wants and needs to experience this precisely in conditions apparently opposed to its own in a human material life besieged by ignorance, obscurity and death and in the utter diversity of the world instead of its former purely spiritual unity.

By transformation this life and this matter will have superior meanings and values and no longer a vain transit towards some ephemeral vision but instead a grand adventure wherein the spirit works in material form. The soul does not complete what it has to do by merely developing into the human being but rather it must develop humanity into its highest possible state of consciousness. The soul has a superhuman future potential here – it has a spiritual imperative.

The higher state of spiritual consciousness brings the power by which the transformation has to be brought about – the actual discovery of it and a metamorphosis of our being. We as individuals must understand the practical process of the discovery and make the transformation in ourselves by calling down into ourselves the higher powers of consciousness from God and holding them securely within ourselves for the benefit of all of humanity. The Hindu does not succeed in this because it is not he but only a minute point of his being which has realized elevated consciousness by concentrating himself with so much desperation upon it. For all of us the light is there, eternal and immutable and there is no conquest to obtain it.

A very important fact is that realization of a single individual does not suffice but what we need is a global realization which includes the total existence of all individuals. If we want to transform our nature and our being – participate in the creation of a new world – we must embrace, include, all of it in our consciousness and our aspirations. The stifling of any individual may very well be the stifling of God in that person.

If we think that the best evolutionary path to follow is that of the high summits of intellectual Earth-consciousness such as those of a Leonardo Da Vinci or a Beethoven or an Einstein we must admit that none of those intellectual altitudes they reached has been able to transform all human life. The summits of the mind or the heart do not bring us the key and the power to change the world. Another principle of consciousness is necessary but one without a break of continuity with those preceding ones – an ultimate knowledge which perceives and accepts God in the world as well as beyond the world – in the universe. Then having found the transcendent the aspirant possesses it and retains the power of it freely to bring it into the material world in descent by grasping the thread of their spiritual consciousness and holding onto it.

The ascent into the spiritual consciousness is the first stage. As the seeker establishes silence and calm in their own mind and becomes liberated from their absorption in the physical their consciousness disengages itself from all of the activities of the physical and acquires an independent existence. It becomes a compact force within and the more it grows the less it is satisfied with being trapped in a physical mind – it needs to climb. This ascending urge is not just the result of conscious discipline – it is a spontaneous need. Instinctively we become aware of a polarization above us which draws us because it is living force.

As the elevated consciousness actualizes there begins to manifest almost imperceptible experiences and a certainty of guidance by the silent source above which yields spontaneous knowledge. The Holy Spirit Consciousness above and the matter, mind and life below are the aspects which are divided – two polarities of being as it were – and it would seem that if we are to attain the transcendence of the spiritual we would be obliged to abandon the world of matter, mind and material life. But this would be the destruction of all of our hopes because if we must abandon the consciousness of mind, life and body in order to reach the spiritual consciousness then a spiritual life here becomes impossible.

There is no escape from this dilemma unless there exists an intermediate bridge between the two aspects which can establish a relationship between them and make it possible for us to realize a combined existence. Such an intermediate link is the level of the spiritual consciousness which is a principle superior to ordinary mentality because it operates in terms of the most fundamental truth of things, which is unity rather than in terms of the diversity of which the human mind consists. Mind and the average levels of consciousness available to humanity is a receiver and interpreter, even a distorter of truth, but not the origin of it – our earthly existence is not the result of the human mind which is itself the result of earth-existence.

The consciousness which has formed the universe and our world must be superior to it – a spiritual mind. The mission of the human mind is to manage our consciousness – to enlighten its instincts, random intuitions and perceptions until it becomes capable of expanding into higher realms of consciousness and spiritual power. Since neither life nor mind is the creative principle of this world there must be a higher consciousness the power of that which is the supreme essence – the power of the spirit. If a human mind was the first principle of creation it would be the ultimate attainment possible but if it had created life and matter it would have eventually been overpowered by them.

Finite though our mind is we are able to sense a greater finite above and the infinite above all and our aspirations will not be satisfied until we reach that but only if there is a power superior to mind can this aspiration be fulfilled – the divine mind alone commands unity in diversity – and the fact that we do strive for such unity and harmony testifies to the presence within us of the seeds of this unifying spiritual mind. If human beings could only catch a glimpse of what perfect forces and harmonious reaches of new knowledge awaits them in the elevated levels of existence which our evolution has not yet brought they would never rest until they had gained it. But first they have to escape the pitfalls and traps of the mind and the senses and the theologians and builders of churches and the ideas and words which are all stifling the spirit within them, even some of the beliefs which they hold most dearly and securely.

Always must we keep ourselves open to the higher truth from above that does not confine us. Then through our great need the doors will open and our consciousness will rise to meet the descending spirit consciousness which will envelop us. The ensuing change of consciousness will be the primary factor as the initial transformation and a physical modification will be a consequence. During earlier evolution nature’s first efforts were directed towards a change in the physical so that there could follow a change in consciousness necessitated by the insufficiency of the force of consciousness already in existence to effect a change in the body.

But now in the human being a reversal is possible and seemingly inevitable, since it is through their consciousness – through its transmutation and not through a new bodily organism as before – that the coming metamorphosis can and must be effected. It is no longer the change of the physical brain that must precede the change of consciousness. The consciousness itself by its mutation will necessitate and operate whatever modification is needed for the body.

There is an imperative which descends upon those of us who seek to become instruments of God – we no longer strive for ourselves alone but for everybody. In accepting this life we have to bear not only our own burdens but a great part of humanity’s burdens too as a continuation of our already sufficiently heavy load. Because to help all of humanity it is not enough for any one individual however great to achieve an ultimate solution individually since even when the Divine Consciousness is ready to descend it cannot come to stay in everyone until they are ready to bear the pressure of the its descent.

There will be an entire part of humanity which will not readily be able to follow and instead of a complete realization of the spirit there will be only small, localized realizations. If one only wants to do the work singly it is impossible to do it totally. One can individually attain one’s own perfection and become so because their inner realization has no limits but the larger outer realization is limited so that if there is to begin a general action at least a minimum number of physical beings is necessary.

The spiritual life finds its most potent expression in those who live the ordinary life in the strength of their union of the inner life and their outer life and it is only by such a union that all of humanity will eventually be lifted up. Each individual carries within them a truth and it is with this truth that they must unite – it is this truth that they must live. This is the path which will bring them to the personal realization and the transformation – the two are united.

We not only have to conquer the forces of egotistic falsity and disorders in ourselves but we must conquer them as representatives of the same forces in everyone else in the whole world. Even after winning our own personal battle we have to win it over and over again in an interminable struggle because our inner existence is becoming so much enlarged that it contains not only our own being with its own needs and experiences but also encompasses all other beings – because within each of us is contained the infinite potential of the spirit of God. True Spiritual Transformation is a change of consciousness – radical and complete and of a certain specific kind – which is so conceived as to bring about a strong and assured step forward in the spiritual evolution of the consciousness as great as that which took place when a sentient being first appeared in the vital and material animal world. If anything less than that occurs, or at least if a real beginning is not made on that basis, then a fundamental progress towards it is not effected. The light of realization is not the same thing as the descent of the Divine consciousness, for realization by itself does not necessarily transform anything – it may bring only an opening or heightening or widening of the consciousness.

One may have some light of realization at the spiritual summit of the consciousness while the parts below remain what they were, but there must be a descent of the light not merely into the mind or part of it but into all the being down to the physical and below into the cellular level before real transformation can take place. A light in the mind may spiritualize or otherwise change the mind or part of it in one way or another but the descent of light is not enough it must be the descent of the whole higher Divine Consciousness its Peace, Power, Knowledge and Love in order to perfect or enough to make a great change in the inner being and the outer being. A total raising of the entire being is the ultimate achievement. Something less than that may very well be considered enough by the individual but it is not enough so that all of humanity’s consciousness may begin to take the definitive stride forward that it must take at some time or another.

The power necessary to accomplish this is very great and it is contained in potential within us because the infinite power of God is resident in His spirit within us. And so the ascent of humanity into heaven is not the key but rather its ascent here into the spirit and the concomitant descent of the spirit into human beings and the transformation of their Earthly nature into a spiritual consciousness. It really depends entirely upon us to recognize that the joy of the world is at our door if only we would desire it, wherein the energy of the liberated individual would no longer be the limited energy of mind, life and body with which it started but their natural existence would be the instrumentation of a superior power – the power of God. We may well ask why God creates so very many human beings and why should God who is perfect, absolute, infinite and needing nothing at all send out His force of consciousness to create in itself this world and its personalities.

It can only be for one good reason – for God’s delight and enjoyment of the infinite diversity and mutability of His Consciousness.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part IX – The Vital Life Force

The Hindu sages of India found that there is a vital force which maintains the activities of the physical body. It is a real and highly specialized kind of composite energy with a material basis entirely different from the other kinds of energies working within the human body which maintain its equilibrium and guard against diseases and premature death

The vehicle of this vital life force is not the dense physical body but rather it is a subtle vehicle which interpenetrates the denser physical body and works in conjunction with it it is the spiritual body of the soul which is analogous to an ‘etheric double’. Within this spiritual body which is practically the counterpart of the physical body run currents of energy of a spiritual nature which vitalizes it.

The Hindus found ways to control the currents of the vital force by manipulated breathing. It is the control of this vital force which is aimed at and not the breathing itself which is only one of the many manifestations of its actions in the physical body although there is a close connection between them. The reason why regulation of the breathing and control of the vital life forces plays such an important part in their development of the spiritual consciousness is the close relationship existing between the vital force energies and the mind.

The vital force energy exists on all of the various levels of consciousness and is the connecting link between matter and energy on the one side and consciousness and mind on the other. Consciousness expressing itself through the mind cannot come into contact with matter and function through it without the intermediate presence of the vital force. The human body in association with energy cannot affect consciousness except through the agency of the vital life force and that is why the vital force is found on all levels of consciousness from the lowest subliminal to the highest spiritual. It is necessary for the functioning of all of the vehicles of consciousness physical or non-physical.

This capacity to act as intermediary agency depends upon its peculiar constitution which combines within itself in some mysterious manner the essential qualities of both matter and consciousness and is thus able to serve as an instrument for their actions and reactions on each other. The regimen extends over a very long time and after prolonged practice the Hindu gains control over the vital forces and the ability to arouse and direct them.

The science of this is strictly guarded because not only is the technique the essential element of controlling these force but it is also the source of serious risks. The moment one starts these practices the risk begins and no one knows what it will lead to without a competent and practical teacher. The methods adopted in controlling and manipulating the vital force by regulation of the breath are a closely guarded secret which can be safely imparted only as a part of the yogic discipline which adequately prepares the disciple for its practice.

These powerful forces are very real though unknown to modern science which has no way to discover or measure them. There are serious risks to anyone who experiments with them out of curiosity and cases have been recorded of people who have ruined their lives by rashly starting to practice them without adequate preparation under guidance of a mentor. The essential element is itself the source of the dangers in the practice of breath control because it involves the cessation of inhalation and exhalation for prolonged periods. Therefore unless the initiate has practiced all of the prerequisite elements for a long time and has acquired conscious and real mastery over their desires and propensities it would be disastrous for them to engage in this practice.

However, if all of the prerequisite conditions are present it enables the manifestation of unexpected experiences and powers which if taken up by the uninitiated would surely lead to disaster as some inexperienced people have found to their regret there are significant warnings about this in the sacred writings of the Hindu masters. It is simply because these things are not meant for people who are leading the ordinary lifestyle of the world with all of its desires and indulgences and who have a naive desire for spiritual attainment as an addition to their enjoyments of the outer world.

That having been said there is no harm in trying to understand the rationale and the limit to which one can go safely in the manipulation of breathing for the sake of promoting good physical and mental health the beneficial effects. Certain yoga exercises are not attended with any risk and can be adopted with caution by those who live a well-regulated and clean life and are not given to selfish excesses of any kind. But since the vital force currents are affected in the process caution and moderation are necessary. The discipline which serves to lay the foundations for the life of spiritual illumination involves the transformation of the lower human nature in the individual so that it may properly serve the aspirant by bringing about necessary changes in them.

There are some practices which are moral and prohibitive while there are others which are constructive and disciplinary for the intellect for laying the ethical foundation of the yogic life and also for organizing their life for the highly strenuous yogic disciplines they follow. When we use the words pure and impure in relation to our life we obviously use them in a relative sense. According to the Hindu philosophy the entire universe, seen or unseen, is a manifestation of the divine life and is pervaded by the divine consciousness and therefore everything is pure and sacred. A thing is pure if it enables or helps to serve efficiently as an instrument of the divine spirit expressing through them at any particular stage of their spiritual evolution. It is impure if it hinders the full expression of life or impedes the exercise of functions. Purity is therefore nothing absolute only functional and related to the next stage of evolution which life is seeking to attain.

All of the lower states of being of the aspirant are constantly changing, and purification consists in systematically and gradually replacing the coarse material of their body by a more refined type of material, beginning with the selection of the right sustenance for the material body. The purification of the more subtle etheric, spiritual vehicles which serve progressively as instruments for the expression of thoughts and emotions is brought about by a different and more difficult process which involves control and development of the will-power of the individual. The entry to the enjoyments and selfish comforts and indulgences of the lower life and mind must be closed completely and permanently before one can hope to make real progress on their path of true transformation.

The transference of life activity from the outer to the inner realm comes only after the long period of discipline which preparation for the mental control necessary to bring about the removal of the barriers to allow the physical intellect to come into direct contact with the soul. Then the cloudy and blurred mental images which an ordinary person is able to form in their mind are replaced by clear images which are very precise and palpable.

The basic principles and philosophy of the spiritual transformation do not necessitate the adoption of the rigid discipline and techniques of the Hindu practitioners in order for us to successfully negotiate the pathway to spiritual consciousness. The upsurge of the vital Kundalini force in the Hindu adept is physically and mentally disruptive and inimical to the well-being of the average uninitiated human being. However, the gentle descent of the Divine Consciousness into their being is completely safe and brings a spiritual transformation without the necessity of causing vital forces to erupt in them. Each individual should follow the leadings and teachings of their own spirit and live accordingly, patiently making the necessary progressive stages towards their spiritual transformation.

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On the path to Spiritual Attainment – Part X – The Spiritual Transformation

God is the highest manifestation of Absolute Reality or in other words the highest vision of the Absolute possible by the human mind and while it is true that we cannot have any idea of God which is not anthropomorphic is that not equally true of everything we know?

Human consciousness is an element in the make-up of all the objects in our perception and conception, internal as well as external, so we may see that beginning with our own bodies and going all the way up to God every object of our perception is this consciousness which may become augmented by something else which we may comprehend as the spirit. This mixed perception is what we ordinarily think of as reality and it is and always has been and always will be all of reality that it is possible for the unaided human mind to know. To suggest that God is unreal because he is anthropomorphic is utter nonsense. The very meaning of God covers everything denoted and connoted by the word real and God is as real as anything else in the universe.

To those for whom the eternal interests of the soul are of much higher meaning and value than the fleeting interests of the mundane material existence, to whom the gratification of their senses is but the thoughtless play of the materialist, to them God and the love of God forms the highest utility of human existence. Whatever we are now is the result of our past thoughts and actions and whatever we shall become in the future depends upon what we think and do now, but this does not preclude our receiving help and in the vast majority help is absolutely necessary. When it comes then the higher powers and possibilities of the soul become quickened, spiritual life is awakened, growth is animated and eventually the individual becomes spiritualized and holy. To quicken the spirit the impulse comes from another source – either by the touch of the spirit in the life of the sincere individual or from another person.

The soul to whom such an impulse is transmitted must be fit to receive and earnestly will to possess the spiritual force and thereby attract it. When the drawing power which attracts the spirit light to the receptive soul is sufficient then the power which responds to that attraction does so as a matter of course. So whenever we are tempted to complain that our search after truth and enlightenment is proving futile, instead of complaining we must search our own soul to find whether our cravings are selfish or real and that we are truly fit and capable of reception of the truth.

There are many so-called teachers who are immersed in ignorance who delude themselves that they possess enlightenment and who offer to lead others such as the blind leading the blind. How, then, are we to know a real teacher? The conditions necessary for those who would be taught are purity, a real thirst after knowledge, and perseverance. Purity in thought, speech and actions is absolutely necessary for anyone to become spiritually enlightened. As to the thirst and hunger for anything, it is an old law that we all obtain only what we truly seek – none of us can achieve other than what we set our hearts and minds upon.

To strive for spiritual achievement is truly a very difficult thing – it is not as easy as generally imagined. There must be a continuous effort – a constant striving, an unremitting struggle with our lower nature until the highest ideal is actually experienced. Success rarely comes quickly and some may have to wait patiently even for what may seem to be a very long time but the sincere seeker who possesses perseverance will eventually succeed. What is necessary for acquiring spiritual truth for oneself or for imparting it to others is purity of heart, mind and soul because a vision of God does not happen until the heart is pure. The only medium through which spiritual force can be transmitted is love. Any selfish motive will immediately neutralize the conveying medium.

To those who love and seek the truth with such a spirit of love and veneration the spirit reveals truth, goodness and beauty. God understands human failings and it becomes those who are enlightened to do good for humanity and to reveal to others that spiritual realization is possible only when the human mind is in a steady, peaceful condition of harmonious equilibrium.

Such freedom which is the goal of all human nature is only attained by unselfishness and every selfish action retards progress and every unselfish action promotes progress towards freedom and harmony – that which is selfish is immoral and that which is unselfish is moral. The easiest way to make ourselves healthy and happy is to see to the happiness and health and welfare of others.

Non-injury, truthfulness, non-covetousness, chastity and not seeking anything belonging to others purifies the mind, while to never cause pain in any living being by thought, word or deed is a great virtue. There is no happiness higher than what anyone attains by this attitude of non-offensiveness to all creatures. By truthfulness and through truth everything is attained because in truth everything is established. The purification of the body is external purification and the purification of the mind by truth and by other virtues is internal purification. Both states are necessary – it is not enough that anyone should be internally pure and externally unclean.

All of these virtues – chastity, non-injury, truth and forgiveness and faith in God – are different vows taken by the person who is thus becoming spiritualized. Most persons are like undisciplined children who allow their mind to do whatever it wants, therefore it is necessary to constantly maintain our vows to gain control of our mind and bring it into subjection by the soul which is itself of God.

A large number of thoughtful people both in the East and in the West have begun to question life and its deeper problems and they want something more definite and vital for their spiritual needs than a mere promise of heavenly joys of an eternal life when they pass away out of their brief and feverish life on this world. Those who have lost faith in the ideals of orthodox religions and yet feel that their life is not a meaningless and passing phenomenon of nature are searching for the solutions of the problems connected with their inner life.

There is no other subject which is so much wrapped in mystery and obscurity which is due to the very nature of the subject itself. The philosophy of religion deals with some of the greatest mysteries of life and the universe and so it must inevitably be associated with profound questions due to the lack of correlation between teachings and the facts with which the ordinary person becomes familiar.

What is needed, therefore, for the dedicated seeker of truth is a clear, intelligible presentation of spiritual philosophy which gives a correct and balanced idea of all of its aspects in terms of modern thought. For while it is true that many aspects of philosophy are beyond the comprehension of those confined within the realms of their intellects, still the general tenets and the broader aspects of it can be understood by the serious student who is familiar with the main trends of philosophical and religious thought, and is prepared to bring to their efforts an open and an eager mind.

Such a one can at least understand spiritual philosophy sufficiently to be able to decide whether it is worth their while to undertake a deeper study of the subject and later to enter the path of practical teachings which will enable them to bring about fundamental changes in their nature and the hope that they can gain real insight into the problems and their solutions.

Those who begin to study it will soon see for themselves that the science of certain such philosophy is too comprehensive and too profound in its nature to be fitted into the framework of any particular philosophy, ancient or modern. It stands in its own right based upon the eternal laws of the higher life and does not require the support of any other science or philosophical system to uphold its claims. Its truths are based upon the experiences of those who have realized and borne witness to them throughout the ages. The facts of higher truths cannot be proved nor demonstrated their appeal is to the intuition of the soul and not to the intellect, for the voice of intuition cannot be silenced by intellectual dogma.

There are definite and clearly defined stages of progress through which the individual passes in the unfolding of their consciousness and mind control, transformation and enlightenment. It becomes demonstrated to them that all experiences in the realm of mind consist of mental modifications and it is the control and suppression of those modifications which are inimical to the spiritual nature which eventually extinguishes the lower nature and leads inevitably to the dawning of the higher consciousness sought by the aspirant.

This requires an attitude of sincere devotion and perseverance – whole-hearted application. The objective is the highest prize of human achievement and its pursuit must necessarily be very exacting in its demands upon the time and energies of the seeker of spiritual enlightenment. Circumstances and habits may not allow them to become totally absorbed all at once but they must work steadily and deliberately towards this end, gradually eliminating all activities and interests which either interfere with their main objective or uselessly consume their time and energies.

The capacity to devote oneself wholly and persistently to the task which they have assumed is a necessary qualification and demonstrates the readiness of the soul to embark on the spiritual adventure of discovering the Ultimate Reality which is the basis and the cause of the whole universethe tremendous nature of the Spiritual Reality which the soul is approaching. To appreciate the necessity of devotion of the energies we have to remember that much of the effort involves bringing about very deep-seated and fundamental changes in the various levels at which consciousness functions in our life. If a person desires success even in a worldly pursuit such as science or art they must devote themselves completely to it and the more difficult the undertaking the greater the devotion it demands.

In the earlier stages of evolutionary progress desire is the sole driving force and the development of the mind takes place almost solely as the result of the constant driving toward which it is subjected by desire. Later other factors enter as desire gradually changes into will which increasingly becomes the driving force behind evolutionary developments. This being the case all spiritual aspirants must therefore try to understand clearly the role which desires play in life and the manner in which it keeps their mind in a constant state of agitation.

Many spiritual aspirants, not realizing the disturbing influence of desire, try to make spiritual progress without giving sufficient attention to the problems of controlling desires with the result that they do not succeed to any considerable extent in freeing the mind from disturbances. If the driving force of desire could be eliminated completely then the mind would come to rest naturally but the elimination of the driving force of desire though theoretically possible is not altogether feasible. It is like trying to stop the forward motion of a car by removing the acceleration without applying the brakes.

The orthodox religious ideal requires a particular kind of life and conduct following which if the believer desires they expect to live after the dissolution of the physical body in a super-physical heaven with all kinds of enjoyments and means of happiness. True spiritual philosophy renounces desire which is selfish and teaches the consciousness to function on higher and spiritual levels – transcendent states of human existence which remove the thirst for heavenly enjoyments by mastery of the mind.

As the body and the mind become purified – freed from the baser desires – the spiritual light shines with increasing brightness exposing the illusions which underlie attachment to such desires. This is accomplished by reasoning, reflection and a sense of pure being and by the discipline of practice of the will which keeps the mind in the state of heightened awareness of the spirit. This is an intensely active and not a passive condition. It is a dynamic condition because consciousness is being slowly or quickly transferred from one level to another. As a matter of fact there is only the centre of Reality surrounded by a number of concentric states of consciousness levels and whichever one is illuminated derives its vision from that centre. But the concentration of consciousness in a particular level makes it appear as if the consciousness is moving up and down along a line which connects all of the concentric levels.

The individual whose consciousness has become permanently based on the centre of Reality may focus their attention temporarily upon any level they choose. The centre of consciousness may then appear to have moved from one level to another but in reality it has not moved at all – consciousness which is always centred in spiritual reality has merely been focused in one level or another. It is in this particular sense that the transference of consciousness from one level to another must be understood if we are not to become involved in the philosophical absurdity of imagining consciousness which transcends time and space – moving from one place to another.

Though the individual who is evolving slowly towards illumination may still be burdened with the material aspects remaining in their mind they can sense as it were the Reality increasingly as they progress towards their goal, and the burden becomes less. From this perspective every successive level of illumination is a precursor of the highest level of spiritual illumination – spiritual attainment of the human mind which alone gives an unobstructed vision of Universe Reality.

For the sincere seeker of spiritual growth this state of mind attainment is necessarily preceded by faith, energy, memory, and the higher intelligence and purity required for such an undertaking. Faith is the firm conviction regarding the presence of the Truth we seek within ourselves and the efficacy of the mental discipline and regimen which enables us to reach conscious awareness of the divine spirit within us. It is not ordinary belief which can be shaken by contrary arguments or repeated failures but that state of inner certainty which is present when a purified mind is irradiated by the light of spiritual intuition. Without this kind of faith it is not possible for anyone to persevere through the discipline needed to accomplish the object of the spiritual goal.

Only energy, determination, courage and an indomitable will ultimately overcome all obstacles. Without these traits of character it is not possible to make the almost superhuman effort which is required to overcome the selfish human nature and reach the highest levels of consciousness potential in the mind of the human being. According to the highest conceptions of philosophy the human soul is a partial expression of the Divine Reality which is the source of the manifested universe. The soul is in essence indivisible from Spiritual Reality but has become subjectively separated, and is destined after experiencing an evolutionary cycle in the manifested universe to become reunited in consciousness with the Spirit of God.

The mind is the instrument or medium through which the soul materializes its individual world and lives and evolves until it has become perfected and united in consciousness with spiritual reality – God’s spirit. Although the mind is immaterial it is affected by matter and becomes a product of consciousness and matter, the presence of both being necessary for its functioning. The evolution through which the soul becomes enabled to unite consciously with the spirit produces the inhibition of the modifications of the mind caused by the habits and circumstances and choices of worldly desires by the individual. The personality must work steadily and deliberately towards eliminating all activities and interests which interfere with the freeing of the soul from separation from the spirit –deliberate destruction of attractions and the consequent attachments and desires.

Isolation from the world to avoid temptations does not really help to inhibit the modifications of the mind – those effects causing separation of the soul and the spirit in the mind. For gaining the self-mastery necessary one should have come into contact with temptations of every kind and should have experienced ordeals of every description and emerged not only successful but without feeling the slightest residual attraction, for if the attraction is still felt, even though we may not succumb to the temptations we have not completely mastered the desire for them.

Real success is not characterized by a violent struggle with desires but comes naturally and in its most effective form by the exercise of our discriminative faculty, which is the influence of the spirit. Discrimination and renunciation mutually strengthen each other and result in the progressive destruction of illusions and attachments which are the root cause of bondage to the lower realms of consciousness and evils.

This eventually results in the realization that everything spiritual is contained within the soul itself and that the soul is the source of the power to free the mind from its shackles. As consciousness functions at different levels in different grades of the mind through different mechanisms, its progressive release from limitations may be considered as its withdrawal from one vehicle into a more subtle vehicle.

Each such vehicle has its own functions and limitations but the functions become more inclusive and the limitations become more tenuous as the matter of which the vehicle mind is composed becomes more refined, spiritualized. In the progression of consciousness from the lower to the higher origin in the soul in stages in succession until the last hurdle has been crossed it is not a steady, uninterrupted progression but consists in an alternate rising and sinking, ebb and flow of consciousness at each barrier separating any two stages. The time required for transition through the different stages depends upon the individual, as the beginner may remain entangled in the lower stages of consciousness for a considerable time while the person who has attained full realization of self-mastery and soul consciousness of the spirit can transfer their consciousness to any desired level in relating to other human beings. The beginner is unable to see through the veils which their lower mind has placed around their consciousness.

It is apparent that we cannot understand the real nature of consciousness by applying the ordinary methods of modern psychology. What is known as consciousness in terms of modern psychology is only consciousness veiled by the many layers of the mind each of which increasingly obscures and modifies its nature as it infiltrates into the outermost physical mechanism – namely the human brain. So we observe consciousness in its ordinary manifestations through the physical brain under the greatest possible limitations and it is not possible to form any idea with regard to its true nature from these extremely partial and distorted manifestations.

Submitting everything to physical examination may succeed with physical things but no physical instruments can ever reveal the nature of consciousness, which is of the nature of spirit. The consciousness which we are seeking to uncover within the folds of our mind is nothing but that supreme reality which is commonly referred to as God’s spirit. God is recognized by religions to be a mighty being whose consciousness transcends the manifested universe.

This supreme reality or consciousness is not merely a matter of speculation or even adoration but can actually be discovered by following definite and unfailing endeavours, as demonstrated by those who have discovered the method of mental perception of the mind, soul and spirit. The mind must become aware of the soul and allowed to become illuminated by the higher consciousness of the soul which is eternally present. In thus becoming spiritualized the mind is capable of knowing everything in the phenomenal world. The real mind does not merely stand for the medium through which the human intellect finds expression but stands for the all-inclusive medium through which phenomena of every kind from the physical to the spiritual are perceived, living in and experiencing the transcendent knowledge of the soul. In effect the drive for transcendent knowledge and consciousness of spirit and soul destroys and eliminates the lower desires of the mind.

The fundamental law of life is that the lower must be relinquished before the higher can be gained and the subliminal mind and all of its vestiges must be eradicated before the attainment of spiritual states of being. The transcendental knowledge of the pure consciousness of the spirit is Absolute whereas the knowledge of the average human being is produced by the imposition of mental limitations upon pure consciousness. So, even the highest kind of human knowledge cannot be compared with the enlightenment which comes when all of the limitations are removed.

The relation of knowledge and enlightenment is analogous to the relation of time and eternity. Eternity is not time of infinite duration but a state which transcends time altogether. The real mysteries of life which we attempt to unravel with the intellect are actually rooted in the eternal as are the expressions in terms of time and space of realities which exist in their true form in the eternal where they are resolved by the pure consciousness of the spirit.

In the last phase of the evolutionary development wherein the spiritualizing consciousness of the human soul attunes to the spiritual consciousness in the culmination of the long process, the result is one of progressively uncovering a tremendous reality which is hidden within the deepest recesses of our own being.

This is the last in the ten-part series “Reaching out for Spiritual Reality – On the Path to Spiritual Attainment”

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Past the Final Frontier – The Future of the Soul

Crossing into the Hereafter

Successful ascent of Human Beings to the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence is concomitantly accompanied by the descent of the Spirit consciousness and the life force energies of God into those individuals. Only those whose soul has succeeded in uplifting them in such a spiritual transformation may experience conscious awareness of the spirit and the life force energy of God within their soul because only such a soul has developed the capacity to contain such tremendous energies. As with anything worthwhile it requires effort and patience to accomplish ascent into the highest levels of moral and spiritual existence, just as it does with learning a new language or acquiring new skills. Then the presence of the spiritual consciousness emanating from within the soul permeates the mind of the person concerned and they gradually become spiritually enlightened and their mind purified with the truth, beauty and goodness of the spirit within their soul.

Patience is necessary because our human consciousness clings tenaciously to what is most comfortable – what appeals to it even if it is not really truth – because it resists change. We have to learn how to release all of the ties that bind us to things that we do repeatedly – those habits which seem to be the only way we think and act. In order to become able to actually experience God’s spirit presence and become fully consciously aware of one’s identity as their soul they must necessarily first have emerged from the veritable ocean of the lower consciousness levels of most of human existence. Disciplined self-control must dominate life in order to accomplish the withdrawal of one’s mind from attachment to the lower levels of darkness of much of the human environment – the stresses, emotions, fears and constant upheavals – while continuing to live and function and interact normally in society.

Following the demise of the material human body at death the soul continues its existence although in a different dimension of reality, but for those who did not achieve their potential for elevated moral and spiritual living during their lifetime they must compensate for their failure. Unfortunately, once their material existence ends,  gone forever are opportunities for experiences and making vital choices and decisions under those material life conditions, which is a serious disadvantage for them.

Jesus of Nazareth told his followers that there were many different places for surviving souls when he was quoted as saying “…in my Father’s house are many mansions…” (John 14:2) which is an indication of the various levels of the spirituality of survivors in the hereafter. One does not become immediately spiritualized in their nature just by passing away through the death experience – that only comes through the concerted efforts and choices of the individual personality and it is only during our human material lifetime that we are able to make those choices which determine our future destiny. That is the real significance and the meaning and value of human material life on Earth.



A Serious Moral and Spiritual Dilemma


A Serious Moral and Spiritual Dilemma

Just imagine seeing a runaway freight train roaring down the tracks towards where a group of children are trapped in a school bus stuck on the train tracks. If you could throw a switch onto a sideline the train would only kill one child playing in its path, but if you did so you would have deliberately with foresight caused the child’s death and so you would be guilty of causing the death of that child. If you did not act you would not be complicit of involvement in the deaths of the children killed in the school bus, but many lives would have been needlessly lost. What could you possibly decide to do in such a case?

The dilemma of having to make what appear to be good moral choices can often result in unintended results and we are frequently making choices which have unavoidable and unanticipated consequences. But we must act – we must always do something in order to become something, though if we lack the wisdom and courage we will be unable to make right choices. How we act must be constrained by what we are and sometimes what is right is then condemned as appalling by others who are in ignorance of the truth – the highest ideal.

Consider the leader of a great country who faces many such scenarios involving great numbers of possible human victims. Their decisions made must be based upon available intelligence – informed judgement – which must then face the jury of a vast uninformed population which often condemns the results of such actions.

The highest ideals of human beings are not necessarily synonymous with God’s will, which has been a source of contention for countless generations down through recorded history. So, who can know what is God’s will? How may we ascertain God’s will? Why are there now so many different religions? How can we determine the truth about religion? What is it that God actually expects from us during our lifetime? How may we come to comprehend God? What should be our highest ideals for human living?

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Religion or Spirituality?




Most people believe something good or even something heroic about themselves and many human beings of all religious persuasions believe that they are doing God’s work in some way. In Roman Catholicism personal conscience is sovereign and if one believes that they are doing the right thing then God cannot blame them for whatever it is that they have done.

Is Islam the same in its rules? Since there is only one God perhaps the rules are the same for everyone but there is a problem – Which rules come closest to what God expects? Because with God on your side there is nothing that you can’t do and it even gives a religious sanction to war if the bishops or imams say so. The problems arise because for some of us even wars have certain rules of conduct and breaking them carries penalties while for others their society does not punish undisciplined violence and brutality for their own religious reasons. Not all of the imams interpret Islam the same way nor the bishops with Christian ideals yet their own religious beliefs define how their followers think and react.

Western civilization has certain principles of religious freedoms and may allow things that are offensive to those in the East who have rigid opposing beliefs. In our world every place has its own orthodox ways, and good luck to any apostates who may happen to be unfortunate enough to live among religious fanatics. Although spiritual persons are religious, religious ones may not be very spiritual, for the two are not necessarily synonymous. The truly spiritual being is never fanatical. Instead, the spiritual being is always accepting of the beliefs of all others – religious freedom – and never attempts to persuade or coerce anyone else into changing their beliefs, unlike many religious types who certainly do so.

How may we develop the ability to open ourselves to the spirit realities available to human beings ? There are successive states above, levels of being beyond the normal human mind hidden in the spiritually conscious levels which are higher ranges of mind and degrees of elevated consciousness and experience. It is from these higher sources that the spiritual powers act upon our being and bring about the spiritual change – a transformation. To become your true self is to be free in yourself and therefore free in your mind, free in your life and free in your body for the Spirit is Freedom. So learn how to arise and transcend yourself – become your true self – and be a power for God within humanity and allow the consciousness and the will and knowledge of the Spirit express God’s will-to-action in the material world.

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The Spiritual Adventure


After all, although we should and do have faith our beliefs are not based on faith alone but upon the experiences and knowledge acquired during a lifetime of trials and testing.

This has become a spiritual adventure for us which will establish the spirit in every part of our composite being, inner and outer. It is the descent of higher consciousness into our physical and mental being, a deathless presence which envelops and permeates our very existence and causes us to dedicate and consecrate ourselves entirely to the pursuits of the divine spirit.

This implies a sustained attempt at discerning our true being, our developing individual soul which is a child of God, The Supreme Person whose fullest manifestation it desires. And because what the true child desires and The Father wills is inevitable the descent of the higher spiritual consciousness can and should occur now and not in some future age. We should not expect to just present to the world a new philosophical system or a new religious creed. Instead what is necessary is a change in fundamental beliefs, freedom from dogma and creeds. We must simply hope for a profound change of consciousness and an inner life of spiritual realization and recognize that the descent of the spiritual consciousness is inevitable.

And we must not be alarmed by the aspect of the world around us or disconcerted by adverse forces which increase as the light approaches closer to the world and matter, the power of illumination elevating and freeing our intellectual consciousness. Our present age is being prepared to receive the intimate presence of the most productive force in the universe, containing within itself the potentials of supreme knowledge which will pervade our most external and material levels of awareness. Essentially our personal obligation to humanity is our own individual development of that freedom in each of ourselves, which is the condition for the free development of all of us, all of humanity.

Then all may follow who have the courage and curiosity to experiment with the unknown and to exceed themselves and venture towards the ideal of human unity wherein we shall enjoy the association in which the free development of all will promote the kingdom of God upon Earth, and peace.

What is our Mission in Life?


Is not our human life a spiritual quest to bring love, truth, beauty and goodness into this world?

Spiritual life descends and imparts itself to persons according to God’s will and purpose and it creates in them a purer personal love than any which the human heart can imagine. Only when one has felt this can they be an instrument for the advent and action of the spirit and there is nothing else which will diminish the tides of selfishness and hate in the individual and in society which now so disturbs human existence.

The love of human beings is a combination of emotions, passions and desires. Emotion is a vital and a necessary aspect of human nature but it has its perils it can get out of control and deteriorate into lower impulses and even become violent or vengeful. Mind, like emotion, can also get out of control and thoughts can lead us contrary to reason and good sense. We must seek a higher mentality free of the limitations and errors of the present state of the average human mind and we must seek to rise beyond emotions to the intensity of spiritual  consciousness, free from bondage to the ego and its desires. The lower ways of human love result in pain and troubles. The upheavals of wounded pride, vanities and anger and resentments are absent in the spirit which is greater and more enduring.

Whoever only loves particular individuals but not all of humanity does not possess spiritual love just as those who profess love for humanity but cannot feel a true personal love for other individuals do not possess it. How do we transform human love into spiritual love? The remedy is to break off self-identification with the ego and its bitter fruits and its vehement cries and its impulses and demands. One’s ego is not their real self. The soul is our real being and the repository of the spirit.

To change one’s nature requires more than our human powers and we must learn to call down into ourselves the higher and divine force and hold it there within us. By our fervent prayer and will and true desire for it we will become enabled to bring down into the world the divine consciousness and hold it there within us for the good of all of humanity. Fear is the enemy of spiritual growth because consciousness contracts in fear. Faith on the other hand evokes peace and an expansion of the consciousness in spiritual directions where we become able to trust deeply in the spiritual universe. But we tend to place our trust in material things and so remain afraid of our inner spiritual powers and presence, and it is this underlying fear which keeps most of us unaware that we possess the ability and power to raise ourselves into new heights of spiritual consciousness.

The Inner and Outer Dimensions of Existence



Looking through the veil into the Outer Dimension

The truly spiritual person is one who has discovered their soul.

Those who have discovered their soul will be changed by the power of their spiritual consciousness into a true and proper and perfectly responsive instrument of their spirit. To cease to be identified with the physical body and to separate one’s self from their body-consciousness is a necessary step towards spiritual liberation and towards spiritual perfection and mastery over nature. In the spiritual ascent the power of the spirit consciousness and its will – the control by the spirit and the inner mind of the soul over the outer mentality and the body and nervous being – increases greatly.

It is difficult to discover just where it is that the mental life stops and the spiritual life begins because there is a long period where they are becoming increasingly merged. The inner life is of supreme spiritual importance while the outer life has value only insofar as it is expressive of the inner status. There is something that grows and develops in us which strives to become the image of the being of the spirit in us while it is impelled to also work and live in the world outside and to try to make the world into something new and more perfect.

So on the one side we have the call of our spiritual being which is our real self and on the other side there exists the demands of the world around us. To become one’s true spiritual self is the one great thing to be done and for this we must exceed our outer self of the body – the material mind and the intellectual self – in order to become the soul.

This is the utmost necessity – that each individual shall discover the spirit within their own self and express that in all of their living and being, to transcend and to exceed the material consciousness of the physical body and to hold the physical nature and body only as an instrument for use as an expression of the soul and the spirit. This will lead to the greatest and most momentous and profound discovery that any human being can ever make, which is that mind and the force of the spirit can overcome and control life and matter by their being in unison and communion with the spirit consciousness of God The Father.

And so it is as it should be, for in generously giving ourselves to the Father’s spirit as the means whereby God becomes enabled to manifest Himself in the material realm and find personal satisfaction in self-expression in and through us, we in turn are enabled by His spirit gift to us to manifest our self in the spiritual realm and find great personal satisfaction in our self-expression in and through Him. This is because The Father will not allow us to be more generous than He is.

Eternity and Infinity – Contemplating a Paradox


What is known about the universe is that over a long period of time (approximately 14 billion years) states of matter became gradually organized and more complex in nature and after a long and very complicated sequence of self-organizing processes at least one inhabitable planet developed life. Then life evolved and changed into systems of greater complexity until living creatures with minds emerged, and then there were observers–human beings. The present fact of human existence proves to us that the formation of life occurs in the universe with a non-zero probability but still it may be only exceedingly rare.

Science has made many discoveries in astronomy of the existence of other planets and their physical and chemical composition and also made many advances in the sciences of biochemistry and molecular biology which have shed a lot of light on the mystery of the origins of life. The known local region of the universe could quite possibly be a zone of stability within an otherwise chaotic universe containing matter in expanding uniform density distribution extending outwards for some finite distance. From what is observed it may be possible that the density of matter diminishes rapidly and we may in fact be surrounded by an infinite void and the total volume of matter in the universe may be limited–finite. Here we should pause to consider past and future eternity.

In our attempts to conceptually think our way through the existence of the universe it is moving forwards into a future-eternity while concomitantly emerging out of a past-eternity. At some very distant moment in the past stars would likely appear to be very few, before the beginning of much physical activity in outer space.

If we examine the universe and attempt to postulate conditions as they could have existed in the primordial universe, the material in the universe would appear to diminish, and the further back in time we regressed the less there would be of physical matter–stars and nebulae and we could think even further back in time and eventually even think back to some remotely distant past when there would have been virtually nothing at all, only emptiness. If we are to attempt any kind of logical thinking about infinity and eternity we must first organize our thinking otherwise we will find ourselves caught up in an infinite series or some equally absurd train of thought.

In our consideration of past eternity, if we stay with factual reality then no matter how far back we try to think we are frustrated by the means by which we may attempt to analyze the relationship between those eternal realities that are paradoxical when they are viewed from our finite perspective–a pre-universe state which has no basis for speculation because we are confronted with a combination of conceptual poverty and ideational confusion, and when we consider future eternity the same situation develops. 

NGC 4565

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This Hubble image of Galaxy NGC 4565 is quite similar to the Milky Way Galaxy and is about 50 million Light Years distant, which means that it has taken 50 million years for its light to reach our world. Since light travels about 6 trillion miles per year the distance is 300 million, trillion miles. 

A curiosity – this is actually looking back in time 50 million years.

Science utilizes known universal laws in its determinations, such as the velocity of light (186,282 miles per second, or 300,000 kilometers per second) and the laws of gravity and atomic energy. This enables the accurate determination of the distances of stellar objects, some of which are gigantic by our standards. Astrophysics and astronomy utilize radiation imagery and visual observation by very powerful telescopes such as the Hubble orbiting space telescope to image the most distant objects possible, some of which are billions of Light Years away. The limitations of the technology are caused by the fact that the enormity of the distances to vastly remote stellar objects precludes the arrival of the light from them from reaching the observers, or in other words not enough time has elapsed yet for the light to reach their instruments…they are beyond the horizon as it were. Now if we speculate within factual reality about remotely existing space we may encounter an empty void reaching outwards forever, into infinity–unending nothingness–and paradox again asserts itself.  

How can there be a beginning or ending to time?How can there be a beginning or end to space? Is time only a human concept? Our intellects require logic and sequence and we are quite limited in our perception of dimensions–we are familiar with four–three of space and one we refer to as time–but there are many other dimensions which are not readily apparent. Our ability to observe light and sound is a good example of phenomena out of range of our senses.

Light is visible to us only in a very narrow range of frequencies, and other forms of light such as infra-red, ultraviolet and X-ray radiation are only detectable by instruments. Then there is sound which is inaudible beyond limited frequencies, and radio and television and microwave transmissions which are not percievable to our senses but which surround us and impinge upon us everywhere in our world. There is no doubt that other dimensions exist unrecognized which are unknown unknowns–we don’t even know anything about those, perhaps like some primitive aboriginal peoples who exist completely unaware of modern technology.For instance take the invisible Dark Matter, the effects of which are evident and measured by astrophysicists. It accounts for almost all of the mass of the universe yet it eludes scientists–it cannot be located. Following is an explanation from Wikipedia*

*Dark matter is an unidentified type of matter comprising approximately 27% of the mass and energy in the observable universe that is not accounted for by dark energy, baryonic matter (ordinary matter), and neutrinos. The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Although dark matter has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects such as the motions of visible matter, gravitational lensing, its influence on the universe’s large-scale structure, and its effects in the cosmic microwave background. Dark matter is transparent to electromagnetic radiation and/or is so dense and small that it fails to absorb or emit enough radiation to be detectable with current imaging technology.

Estimates of masses for galaxies and larger structures via dynamical and general relativistic means are much greater than those based on the mass of the visible “luminous” matter.

The standard model of cosmology indicates that the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinarymatter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy. Thus, dark matter constitutes 84.5% of total mass, while dark energy plus dark matter constitute 95.1% of total mass–energy content. The great majority of ordinary matter in the universe is also unseen, since visible stars and gas inside galaxies and clusters account for less than 10% of the ordinary matter contribution to the mass-energy density of the universe.

The dark matter hypothesis plays a central role in current modeling of cosmic structure formation and galaxy formation and evolution and on explanations of the anisotropies observed in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). All these lines of evidence suggest that galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the universe as a whole contain far more matter than that which is observable via electromagnetic signals.


Researchers say the image below, in new study called the Ultraviolet Coverage of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, provides the missing link in star formation. The Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014 image is a composite of separate exposures taken in 2003 to 2012 with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys and Wide Field Camera 3. Astronomers previously studied the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) in visible and near-infrared light in a series of images captured from 2003 to 2009. The HUDF shows a small section of space in the southern-hemisphere constellation Fornax.

Now, using ultraviolet light, astronomers have combined the full range of colours available to Hubble, stretching all the way from ultraviolet to near-infrared light. The resulting image–made from 841 orbits of telescope viewing time–contains approximately 10,000 galaxies, extending back in time to within a few hundred million years of the big bang–almost 14 billion years ago, while the edge of the observable universe is now calculated to be about 46.5 billion light-years away.






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This picture is actually looking backwards in time over 13 billion years

As I have stated elsewhere, finite space and infinite time differ from infinite space and eternal time by a curious geometrical feature a finite space no matter how large it is can only have one location as its centre whereas an infinite space has its centre everywhere. That is that any and every point is at its centre and mathematically infinite space has an infinite number of centres and any observer is at the centre of infinite space. Likewise a finite period of time has a moment exactly at its midpoint but eternity always has as its midpoint the present moment, which is equidistant from any postulated beginnings or endings.

Therefore because any observer of infinity and eternity is located at the centre of infinite space and is at the present moment at the midpoint of eternity, eternity being an endless succession of present moments, the implication is that each of us exists now together with God who is by His design located at the centre of all things.





Jesus of Nazareth – The Ultimate Human Being

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It is the spiritual fulfillment of the urge for inner completeness of being that we mean when we speak of a spiritual life on earth, a spiritual necessity whose sovereign imperative alone can displace or entirely penetrate the darkness. Frequently the accredited religions have opposed progress and sided with the forces of oppression and obscurity but this would not have been the case if religion were the true and sufficient guide to the whole of human life.


Now it is not necessary to follow through an aggressive indictment of organized religion or place emphasis on the superstitions, aberrations, violence and crimes which churches and cults and creeds have sanctioned for their own benefit, crimes and evils which have been committed in the name of God. We have only to note the fact that all this occurred and that two thousand years ago the light of Truth came very close to extinction. Then as now darkened minds considered real spirituality as consisting of renunciation and mortificationas a force that discourages life and cannot therefore be a true law and guide for human life. By spirituality religion seemed to mean something remote from earthly life and adverse to it. In its exaggeration it leads to awful hopelessness when the one hope for humanity seems to be the approaching and expected end of the world. It displays impatience with the ways of God and lack of faith in the divine wisdom and will that caused the world in the first place.

The human Jesus of Nazareth enables humanity to anthropomorphize God and thereby relate to The Father as never beforein human terms. Unfortunately within a few years of Jesus’ short-lived mission major factions had formed to create what was to become Christianity. The ‘First Council of Nicaea’ which occurred in A.D. 325 forever crystallized and dogmatized the new religion they created about the necessary sacrificial death of the innocent Son of God to assuage the guilt of the sinners of the world and to propitiate the anger of their offended and vengeful God of Israel. And yet the human Jesus still demonstrates the perfect consummation of the spiritual human being to any and all who search for the true light of life and the real possibility that all of humanity can, as he promised and as he did, find fulfillment of the urge for inner completeness of being during our earthly life. This is the ever-present spiritual inheritance of which all humanity is to be the beneficiary thanks to Jesus’ life and teachings which have tragically become overlooked, buried beneath centuries of man-made dogma with its interpretation of his life and the meaning of his teachings.

Christianity has become but a religion about Jesus’ death and is not the religion of Jesus, which he taught was all about the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of humanity. Jesus established the ultimate goal of living when he said “Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48). Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”, which means now, and that “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32). He taught “The kingdom of God is within you.”  It is “the true light which lighteth every man coming into the world.” (John 1:9). Paul admonishes us to “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Rom. 12:2).

When one becomes able to see in God-consciousness their insight influences their outlook. When you are pure in heart you will see good, or God, in all people as Jesus did. He saw the activity of God expressing as human beings. So, “Stir up the gift of God which is in thee.” (II Tim. :6), because within the nature of every human being there is a stored-up substance or divine energy which may be released to illumine the lives and light the way of humanity. Jesus continually reminds us of the unclaimed possibilities, as “Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” (Matt. 25:34); and “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32); and “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find…” (Matt.7:7, 8). Remember Jesus’ words “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do…” (John 14:12).

When Jesus returned from the grave he demonstrated more than overcoming death in his own lifehe verified his teachings of the spiritual potential of human beings and proved in the most dramatic fashion that there is a power within them beyond the humanthe revelation of their spirit potential. When Jesus said “Verily I say unto you, if a man keep my word he shall never see death” (John 8:51) he revealed that we are a living soul that has a body, and when the body is finally laid aside the soul will become clothed according to God’s purposes.

Historically, in the year A.D.325 Christianity was formulated by those Greeks, Jews and Romans who met in conclave at the ‘First Council of Nicaea’ in    Constantinople. (see: Since then it has widely broadened in its scope with the many differing interpretations of the meaning of the gospel writings about the life and teachings of the “Divine Christosnow contained in the New Testament. Both the New and Old Testaments were subsequently conjoined into one Bible with differing editions which remains today a history of the people of Israel’s search for God.

In the sequence of early Christian writings those of Paul are dated between the years 50 – 60; The Gospel of Thomas dates between the years 50 – 140; The Gospel of Mark dates between the years 65 – 80; The Gospel of Matthew dates between 80 – 100; The Gospel of Luke dates between 80 – 130; and, the Gospel of John dates between 90 – 120. There are no sources from Jesus’ time. All of the stories told by the first followers of Jesus were later told and retold and their interpretation by scholars yields a plurality of Jesus’s – different in nature in each Gospel according to the particular beliefs of the writers or their transcribers.

Presented in historical order:

MARK wrote in Greek to explain to Jewish readers what Jesus had spoken in Aramaic. He describes Jesus as a sort of strange, enigmatic figure who is God’s persecuted one, dying in agony mocked and abandoned by God. The Pharisees were depicted as minor figures in the drama.

MATTHEW’s gospel is by far the most Jewish of the four Gospels and he describes Jesus as an apocalyptic figure – a Son of Abraham who came to fulfill The Torah. The Pharisees were depicted as minor figures who caused a split between the Jews and Jesus’ followers.

LUKE was a gentile and a companion of Paul who takes Jesus to the Greco-Roman audience and is antagonistic towards the Jews. Jesus’ followers were here called “Christians” for the first time.

JOHN’s Gospel was written 70 years after Jesus’ death, which occurs at a different time of day from that stated by Mark. Jesus dies here as “The Lamb of God” sacrificed for the Passover at the same time as the lambs in the temple were being slaughtered. Here Jesus becomes the meal. Jesus is depicted as “The word of God”. John portrays a scenario of Jewish Christians versus The Jews against Jesus.

Christianity is a composite of all of these Gospels combined and presented as “The Word of God”. To cap it all off John ends his Revelations (22:18, 19) with a dire threat to anyone who changes anything he wrote. So now modern twenty-first century Christians are attempting to live their spiritual lives according to those guidelines, creeds and dogma established during the fourth century by those men who compromised much to create what has metamorphosed into modern “Christianity”. Anyone now searching for the truth should realize that the disparate teachings of the numerous inspired writers of the Gospels are not necessarily the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. God’s Son incarnated in human form was sent by God, our Father and his Father, to reveal to all human beings that we are all God’s children in human form. One of the most significant revelations made by Jesus was his demonstration of what a human being is capable of becoming.

Jesus of Nazareth was a human being who was born and grew into a man of moral purity and extraordinary spiritual intuition and trained and protected his mind and body by self-mastery in preparation for his inborn spirit of GodThe Christwithin him to emerge, which occurred at his baptism as recorded. This connotes something of enormous significance and vital importance, a profound spiritual truth for modern peoples. He willfully consecrated his entire life because he realized that the inborn spirit of God must be enabled to function in the life of the human being in order to accomplish God’s will-to-action God’s purpose for us in this world.

Jesus the man stepped aside as it were that day in the river Jordan giving his human being over to the divine spiritThe Christwhich was observed as if to descend as a dove into possession of it. The physical human body of the man became the habitation of the divine spirit thereafterGod’s Supreme Son incarnated in human form by and with the consent of the human individual, Jesus. Jesus is called “The Incarnate Word” (II Corinthians 5:19) which suggests that “God was in Christ” as a spiritual presence in the human being.

This was later condemned as heresy by the orthodox churches following the First Council of Nicaea in AD 325, even though early Christian history records that this was widely held to be the truth in the early churches. Saint Paul, whose writings preceded Matthew and the others, said “…know ye not that your body is the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?”.  And The Christ said “…is it not written in your law ‘I said ye are Gods, and ye are all the children of the Highest?’”.

 As to the identity of The Christ, surely it is that of a Son of God sent by The Universal Father to bring spiritual revelation of ‘The Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of all Mankind’ to this world. The revelation made by The Christ during his incarnation in Jesus is threefold: He made a new revelation of God to Humanity; He made a new revelation of Humanity to God; and, He made a new revelation to all of Humanity of what human beings could each aspire to attain spiritually.

In conclusion, the great challenge for all of us and for each of us is to find for ourselves the truth about God by soul-searching for answers to the questions which have perplexed philosophers down through all of the ages of human history.

 To paraphrase Teilhard de Chardin… “Are we all material beings gaining spiritual experience or are we spiritual beings gaining material experience, or are we truly some mysterious combination of the material and spiritual?

It remains for each of us to discover…

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