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The Infinite Dimension

A large number of thoughtful people both in the East and in the West have begun to question life and its deeper problems and they want something more definite and vital for their spiritual needs than a mere promise of heavenly joys of an ‘eternal life’ when they pass away out of their brief and feverish life on this world. Those who have lost faith in the ideals of orthodox religions and yet feel that their life is not a meaningless and passing phenomenon of nature are searching for the solutions of the problems connected with their ‘inner life’. There is no other subject which is so much wrapped in mystery and obscurity, which is due to the very nature of the subject itself. The philosophy of religion deals with some of the greatest mysteries of life and the universe and so it must inevitably be associated with profound questions due to the lack of correlation between teachings and the facts with which the ordinary person becomes familiar. 

After a lifetime of searching for spiritual reality I have composed the book “The Infinite Dimension” in order to share what I have learned with anyone interested in such things.

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the infinite dimension book 7-22-18